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Joy buys car division to call noisy car city (graph)
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Beautiful car is contended for bestow favor on, beautiful Li Duoyan, reader gathers, one a steam model arch bridge, with the wind flying balloon, swaying scroll, the music that resounds through the sky... all these, declared an information: By " Xi'an evening paper " , the joy that Xi'an bandstand and combination of center of exhibition of Shaanxi province international sponsor buys car part is a success.

Cite the word of business of a car: Break of the holiday that buy a car Xi'an car altar a lot of records, the most baronial, person enrages occasion most flourishing, conduct propaganda most reach the designated position, the the novellest, most professional, anyhow is the most successful, the car grand meeting of the most influential force. The reader gathers

On December 30, 2007, 8 years of January 1 day, it is a province put oneself in another's position is latter 3 most lively days, person wave is moved, bustling. According to statistic, besides provincial capital citizen, have the reader that comes from complete province each district more, share person-time of 200 thousand above to arrive spot of the section that buy a car. Buy car part the first day, mr Wang that comes from treasure chicken one big early hurry to the spot, he expresses waiting for the section that buy a car before a few weeks, want to look for price of a sex to compare the model that fits his very much in the spot, the likelihood should use many time to choose, what come so is particularly early. Try at the same time in Mr Zhou of Agriculture Bank hold post when Fox says to buy a car at the same time, want to choose in the spot anyhow. Beautiful car is contended for bestow favor on

"Did not think of to ginseng of so much model is exhibited! " a consumer says so, it is reported, the model that the ginseng on the section that buy a car exhibits almost include all well-known trademarks on Xi'an market. The Ma Zida that just appears on the market especially 2 make scene of the section that buy a car with CROSSPOLO the largest central issue, two models draw numerous consumer to stop, will exhibit surround watertightly, gan Na of beetle, plum, triumphal, MG7, send get the better of wait for model eduction formidable battle array to enter an exhibition, got likewise the favour of consumer. Ms. Liu accompanies a boy friend to see a car, she expresses: "The car of so much design is enough we choose, need not one ran, too convenient " . Each businessman makes systemic skill is borrowing the section that buy a car to market his product. Chang'an horse amounts to staff member of spot of male inn of Xi'an fine horse to tell a reporter oneself, "Advisory consumer in an endless stream, I keep saying, the mouth hardly at a loose end. " brand-new sale

Why should buy triumphal? Because " experience science and technology, control ice and snow -- , triumphal safety drives Long Wuxing of iron of east wind snow the force that accuse " already started inside countrywide limits. At the appointed time, dragon of iron of east wind snow will single out lucky car advocate head for Hailaer, the security that draws field to experience 5 stars are triumphal personally tries to drive in professional ice and snow accuse. The ice and snow that this second activity aims to let consumer be full of passion and vigor through this fine time, realize the value with triumphal safe safe to ensuring drive a vehicle science and technology further. Of course, the lucky car chief commander that enters this second activity is all from January 1, 2008, in triumphal user is being bought during Feburary 12 draw-out.
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