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Fine time activity ends car of Tianjin airport international satisfactorily
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Meaning still did not use up expect the coming year

Winter of car of Tianjin airport international large car extends fine time activity and car garden establish celebration two years to already ended completely at 3 yen. This second exhibit the wide attention that can get social all walks of life, each are big media disputes photograph report, the spot is very hot more, accumulative total visits a number to amount to 20 much person-time, in the meantime, postpone meeting sale the state is likewise satisfactory, accumulative total trades the forehead amounts to 450 million yuan.

This airport fine time activity, get of numerous consumer embrace wholesale generally, because remove loud dimensions,reach elaborate design not only, more because garden of airport international car is passed this second exhibit meeting, the birthday that spent its two years, regale of large car culture meets again " grand occasion opening garden " , make really person must whole situation pays close attention to.

This second exhibit meeting, it is garden of airport international car since establishing two kinds of anniversary, the concentration of actual strength resource is revealed, come from brand amount say, this second " fine time " gathered together many 200 renown car, covered from go to each low differring high the car brand of end position, contented and different the individuation of the person that buy a car buys car demand, famous brand of world of special grade of horse of the nimble when protecting, bronco, Kaidilake, bold, bold bully, FJ, Woerwo, blessing also will appear with the stage. From reveal say on content, this second exhibit the complete set that can set the one continuous line that buy a car to serve, what the person that make look around experiences modernization buys a car is convenient with vogue.

This second activity is garden of airport international car more the real situation that gives garden area all circles friend with greatest support and broad customer to coming two years is passed on, use system of ceaseless and perfect service and professional operation pattern only, ability acknowledges quite the support of broad friend and deep love, garden of airport international car, do not have ultimate goal forever, have the travel before ceaseless effort is mixed only. Winter although fine time ended, but the aftertaste that it leaves to people won't end however, be opposite according to the reporter of spot audience interview, understanding arrives, a lot of consumer are intended still unexhausted feeling, express, after they can continue to pay close attention to each " airport international car fine time " activity. In the meantime, they still are met as always the development that supports garden of airport international car, had gone one year another year jointly. (origin: Channel of northward net car)

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