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Business of 5 China car will attend Detroit international car 8 years to exhibit
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Come from Detroit international car to unfurl the word of the organizing committee, include car of strange luck, long abundant inside manufacturer of 5 China car will attend the Detroit international 2008 the car is exhibited. This also is afterwards strange luck and long abundant were mixed last year respectively after appearing on Detroit this year, appear the 3rd times the sound that comes from China, and the ginseng that joyful is next year exhibited number to achieve 5. Mixed 2005 2006, auspicious group and long abundant car attended Detroit international car to exhibit. Now, city of North America car will greet 5 China car to postpone business again.

Long abundant car will be joined the 2nd year continuously exhibit Detroit, the area in the enterprise is exhibited in 5 China ginseng the biggest. In president Li Jianxin guide below, long abundant will have 4 cars to appear before North America audience, include what newest home releases to black horse water chestnut MPV. Biyadi exhibits will be car itself not just, the iron battery that Wang Chuanfu carries mixes motor vehicle to perhaps can make American automobile group big open horizon. "China should be become 2015 the first, ascended 2025 bound of one's life experience the first, " Wang Chuanfu should come true this one enunciative, cannot leave North America apparently the car market with this one the biggest whole world.

Resurgence car is in of home low-key what with its president of Chamco of North America total representative compares Er · wave to pull a gram is high-key present bright contrast. "Detroit won't believe possibly, but we will sell to the United States 2008 by the plan as scheduled. " Bolakeru is say.

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