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2007 luck install car exhibition to watch exhibit a guideline
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Stadium car film is shown classify

Luck installs a sports center

"Wide Ben Gongxu cup "

Little painterly area


View extend time: On December 22 9: 00-17: 00

On December 23 9: 00-17: 00

Mobile arrangement: On December 22 9: 30 " wide Ben Gongxu cup " little painterly contest

On December 22 19: 00 cars film is shown

Between exhibition period of two overhead traveling crane, still will have performance of baby of wonderful singing and dancing, car and photography contest


Chang'an Ford

-- lucky An Chenlong

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

07 Meng Di Europe

Mengdiou, send get the better of

3 compartment Fox

2 compartment Fox


◆ favourable policy

During the activity, buy aleatoric money Ford, all can obtain a value 4000 yuan guarantee ceremony bag.



Cropland of wide steam abundant

-- Wen Zhougong abundant

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

Kaimeirui 200

Kaimeirui 240

Han Landa

◆ favourable policy

The spot decides a car to be able to enjoy a car to extend lowest price, the spot with cash means privilege.



Yellow Sea car

-- auroral steam trade

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

Numerous peaceful 2008

Fly dragon

Big bavin is magical

◆ favourable policy

The car exhibits the spot to buy auroral series, numerous peaceful 2007 series car is particularly favourable 3000 yuan (be restricted car decorate) or objective.



Car of river the Huaihe River

-- lukewarm city Kang Hua

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

Bin Yue

Lucky eagle

◆ favourable policy

The car exhibits the spot to buy lucky eagle to give 3000 yuan of great gifts to wrap.



Shanghai is general fasten a gram

-- Ruianhuate

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

Triumphant more

Jun Yue

◆ favourable policy

The spot buys a car to give annual to make strong narrow pass.



This Guangzhou cropland

-- luck installs Gong Xu

◆ ginseng exhibits a model

07 elegant cabinet


08 Sai Di

Fly degree model use a group

◆ favourable policy

Wide Ben Gongxu is worth 5 years between car exhibition period inn is celebrated, the citizen that the spot buys a car is enjoying a car to extend lowest price besides, buy a car to still will be obtained send great gift the package. The spot still will be held little painterly contest, award is rich and generous.
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