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Big talk will hold car of the 2nd Hainan to be on sale meeting

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According to Hainan daily group signing up for course of study concerns chief to divulge, came 7 days on September 4 this year, group of trade of Hainan daily cable will be met in big talk exhibit a center to hold car of the 2nd Hainan to be on sale meeting, use the resource conformity capacity with mainstream powerful media, again what add writes car city grand ceremony is brilliant.

The first Hainan car that ran in big talk last year in September is on sale meeting grand occasion still makes many citizens up to now take delight in talking about: "Short between 4 climate, sell a car 918, clinch a deal amount crosses 100 million yuan, visiting number exceeds 150 thousand person-time, this can be thought of scarcely discuss! This can be thought of scarcely discuss!!

On the base that runs successfully last year, decision of group of trade of Hainan daily cable continued to hold car of the 2nd Hainan to be on sale in September this year meeting, undertake large-scale innovation tries, strive to exhibit the 2nd car do weller.

Personage of inside and outside of course of study of Hainan automobile group is exhibited to current car express great expectations, they think generally, the tremendous appeal strength that the huge success that car of previous term or session exhibits showed to Hainan daily signs up for trade group, the hope exhibits the car turn Hainan consequence into extensive, benefit continuously apparent brand car is exhibited, become annual car Cultural Festival.

"The person is much, sheet is much, situation flourishing, money flourishing " , brave of arrowroot of standing vise general manager uses limited company of service of sale of car of Hainan blessing heart these 8 words will sum up car of previous term or session exhibit, also send at the same time hope to be exhibited at current car.

Sale of car of Feng Zhenghua of big talk of cropland of one steam abundant serves Pan of limited company vise general manager to close silver to think, the big plan of group of trade of Hainan daily cable, big originality, with great quantity, the car of high starting point, high administrative levels exhibits an activity, be sure to be car business people it is better to build reveal and sell terrace.

Hainan daily signs up for trade group to express about chief, car market is breaking away from the car business sense of traditional sense, blended in more culture connotation however. The car sells those who mean car knowledge to gain ground with transmission, the car is bought more the fashionable force that becomes car culture. Accordingly, regard the mainstream as media, assume the responsibility that breed and abounds car culture life will morely. (origin: Nanhai net -- Hainan daily)

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