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Power sea evening paper fine time car extends 2007 cars culture report

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Power sea evening paper 2007 cars culture fine time is large the activity is wonderful now appear, see the New Year in the car is exhibited, dress walks along fitness of show, the whole people to run, activity of 4 big themes spreads out a list of names posted up of car general comment in succession, square of the stadium that become hill becomes happy ocean.

Team of awe-inspiring gong and drum is wonderful performance

On December 15, person of square of the stadium that become hill comes the car is gone to. Square entrance is in vertical stroke to have bright red arched door, aureate old lion stands tall and upright martially both sides.

"2007 greet winter jasmine of fitness of Olympic Games the whole people to run " the activity is started

Current car is exhibited, dealer of 36 cars of whole town carries outfit of many 270 beautiful Che Cheng to come on stage. Among them, power sea beautiful interest amounts to a car to sell limited company to will carry HRV of edition of new fund campaign to appear, power sea life connects a car to sell limited company to will roll out 08 TIIDA Yi Da, black horse amount to two new cars, east wind day produces guest of first SUV Xiao to also will be exhibited in the car on accept book. These equipment suffer the new car that fix eyes upon to assemble in a car to exhibit, the friend that will let pay close attention to new car one feast one's eyes on.

Power sea evening paper fine time car extends 2007 cars culture

Exhibit a stage to be decorated so that have distinguishing feature, can attract the eyeball of person seeing a car more of course. Each ginseng postpones business in succession exert all over skill, build perfect exhibit a stage, draw the attention of consumer. Of sea horse car look board on paste is worn " pass on end of the year start in the round, hai Fuxing is highest fall 10000 yuan " catchphrase, beijing is contemporary of power sea Zhen Yang look board go up a paste move " all model the whole line yields the end of the year benefit, highest privilege 8000 yuan " catchphrase. Meanwhile, "Buy dragon of iron of east wind snow, choose Great Wall dragon to vacate 4S inn " " oily pioneer of section of strange luck A51.8, tiger of strange luck luck city of 3 whole mount " wait for propagandist catchphrase, look to make a person enchanted quite.

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