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The optimal choice for civilian families used cars recommended cost-effective
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October 10, 2010 and September small, third day, the East-year-old evil, the snake Oki (Ding Hai) pigs, a rare, married a good day. I believe that one day there will be many young people took to the marriage hall, set up a new Families. Now young people get married, buy a car is essential for the couple, due to new people just entering the social and economic conditions is limited, so purchase of vehicles should also consider their own economic conditions, while This time the vehicle is often bought as a family used to start, the replacement cycle is short, so choose a cost-effective, good preservation, suitable for young couples with small cars is particularly important. New car price is critical to our view, a use of low-cost, easy maintenance, the market to maintain the most suitable for large models. Because young people are generally affected by the same development, the impact of family and married , The general vehicle replacement cycle of 3-5 years, like this one, the 5 years should preserve and increase the rate of the vehicle as the preferred, after all, this is our life 3-5 years after starting the vehicle when sold, hopefully not lose too much much money. According to Statistical analysis, the current domestic vehicles within 5 years more than 50% preservation rate hedging models for comparison, in the first year hedge rates are generally about 80%, good vehicles, more than 85%. We recommend the delightful move, Fit, Tiida vehicles are Both are relatively new in style, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, price of between 8-12 million in cost-effective models, while the biggest feature three car there is easy maintenance and fuel economy. Fit seen from the data, Yue Dynamic hedging models are very good models, and the Tiida car new car pricing because some high, thus affecting the performance of his data, but according to our understanding, the car currently on the market offers a million or more, so buy The car is also very good choice, and the model, the depreciation in the use of very little between years. After some time ago and Corolla models of large-scale price cuts, the preservation rate of good performance so there is not easy, we can see the car in the market can not shake the status of the vehicle is more economical, real Class of excellent benefits, is very suitable for young people like the sedan. MAGOTAN final point is the reason why we recommend this car can be seen as a high-class cars, you can with the Fit and other vehicles to preserve and increase the rate of Competition are not many models, but the car proved the performance of impressive data a He is a continuation of the popular models of the new generation of products with high blood preservation, the car also suitable for new successful career, good sense and prudent business of controlling the breath is the focus of one of the reasons recommended by the vehicle. Appendix 1: The preservation rate of small knowledge: preserving and increasing the rate is defined as a vehicle through the value of the life cycle curve. Curve of the car to determine the true value in different years. Calculated to preserve and increase the rate of 100 as the base, a new car Preservation rate was 100, with the increase of service life decreases.
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