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Beijing: 8 annuity 9 silver 10 whether as scheduled and to
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The couplet in network of the first car spends countryside 29 days to report integratedly: The end with our already satisfactory Olympic Games, in September also already stealthily arrival, in two handcart market, also be permeated with a happy situation, car sale begins to improve, the autumn has been the season of results. Basis before two handcart market rule, annual 90 month are the season with two handcart best sale, everybody 90 month are a general designation Jin Jiuyin the season of 10, so we does the sale good time of 10 meet Jin Jiuyin this year as scheduled and come?

Taking this issue, I also asked the boss of companies of a lot of two handcart broker and selling manager, ask them to talk about them view and the expectation to the market. Most person thinks car sale can improve very quickly this year, but 10 season meet the Jin Jiuyin this year to defer a month to control backward, that is to say, the time that the sale rises apparently and values is by September to November in the last ten-day of a month, also one fraction person feels to meet as scheduled and to. Opinions vary of course, return some saying that there is not Jin Jiuyin at all this year 10 this says, whole automobile group is in this year is one is adjusted all the year round period, when it is good to be indifferent to stand or fall and sale. An adage of Shi Ge of apply mechanically Pan says, it is this year our car market also is faced with a 100 day revulsion and greatly inflection point. So called 100 days of revulsion namely so called the business of market of the two handcart in the time that 3 months will influence henceforth door or market itself is faced with to shuffle afresh, business door and market can have very big adjust and change, competition also is met more intense. Alleged inflection point namely the trend of a change of the car city price of two handcart, according to the two handcart that the view of this part person is car city the price is in there will be in time of 3 months left and right sides henceforth " diving " period, the reason was September later can one major car enters two handcart market, throw a megalith as tranquil lake water, price fall unavoidable.

The author is in for a long time according to be being mixed with their conversational content the analysis of the market, feel secondhand this year the Jin Jiuyin of car market 10 won't as scheduled and to, the likelihood should defer left and right sides of a month, the reason has 3 sides:

The first, the period after the Olympic Games, abstruse meeting has not begun incomplete, only even numbers still does not have complete lift a ban, and everybody is in discuss, travel of only even numbers can apply for a long time after us, a lot of problems are still unknown bright, consumer and business of two handcart car are very careful also, be in wait-and-see period, remove truly this kind of wait-and-see psychology needs the incomplete end September abstruse meeting attends a meeting ability witting.
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