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Shenzhen: City of the two handcart after the Olympic Games is analysed
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Olympic Games concluding shortly, what will two handcart city be faced with to change. The passenger flow quantity of a few days after although be in,the Olympic Games kicks off inside two handcart market reduces Shenzhen somewhat, was not affected how oldly on the whole by the Olympic Games, because originally the automobile industry August is a flat month. The Olympic Games ended, through the gloomy ablution of half an year, two handcart trade the quantity wants get warm again after a cold spell! Be aimed at current situation of two handcart city, shenzhen the staff member makes net of the first car a few analysises.

Car of the park inside field reachs saturation, business door sells a car urgent.

Two handcart last with off-season pattern all the time inside market half an year, inside two handcart market, existing sales volume is not high, be anxious all the time sell not the business of dispatch a vehicle door, to car source care is spent now is not very tall, and this moment is completely contrary last year. Because be put generally in car saturation, business door arrives at search ditch of quick sale car.

The price is reduced, strive for passenger source

Because of two handcart market, business door is put in car saturation, is to be in the condition with rapid sale. The car that exists to the market undertakes investigating, it is in business door hand the car that major stock car is above of a month, have the stock car with longer time even. If the Olympic Games passes hind, receive gold 9, price of new car of in former years can appear be adjusted substantially, attract passenger source. Two handcart business door adjust to prevent new car price, also can seize this opportunity, can be eager to selling long in the hand car, buy newer car to replace. That will use the price to reduce, will strive for passenger source.

Car consumption tax is adjusted

Adjusted to car consumption tax recently, the attune on car consumption tax is affected to two handcart industry not quite, the price of the old car that discharge an amount is not low, and consumption is opposite commonly at the consumer of this kind of car the price not very sensitive, the individual is wealthy person buys a car, or it is the government or enterprise user, just regard as one symbolizes. The price is not the crucial factor that buys option of this kind of car. Because this raises consumption tax,be to those only between the old car that discharge an amount or small quantity car indecisive " the brim " consumer produces an effect. Car consumption tax adjusts pair of big platoons to measure an entrance to take the effect that use a car should be the biggest.
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