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Beijing: The auction after Olympic Games car is met stimulates two handcart to t
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Network of the first car 21 days of comprehensive reports: Recently, BOCOG announces to will auction goods and materials of partial Olympic Games, the belt in including Olympic Games village locks up the article such as ark of the head of a bed, recreational chair, single bed. So, as the Olympic Games " brunt " can be the car auctioned? Taking question, the author waits for each respect information to learn through network and newspaper medium: The Olympic Games car that uses a car as Olympic Games government also will undertake vendue after the Olympic Games ends.

The auction of Olympic Games car, the competition that promotes two handcart market and prosperity, dismal two handcart market is compared during facing an Olympic Games for, the auction after Olympic Games car is met gives the market infuse undoubtedly new vitality, also give business door people added not little surprise, a lot of business door Dou Yueyue is about to try, will understand way of place of on sale of Olympic Games car and relevant formalities to deal with matters concerned from each respects, the hope can call in from which oneself good model.

As we have learned, deal with according to Olympic Games asset plan, after September, about more than 5000 of all kinds Olympic Gameses can enter two handcart auction the market centrally with the car, these cars will stimulate the two handcart city of the end of the year greatly, as a result of Olympic Games sheet even numbers is restricted of administrative plan carry out, let the two handcart July trade quantity increase sharply, the car that consumer buys the idea that a two handcart transfer to make Beijing region retains the quantity is in short-term inside had apparent promotion, this also is the following September two handcart market saved a certain quantity of car cause. According to the analysis, suffer a car to use the influence of cost, the car that acquires during these only even numbers can compare concentration September the ground enters two handcart market, will increase the supply of two handcart market thereby. Market trader door respect meeting faces inventory pressure and adversary competition to release car depreciation.

It is reported, enter after August, off-season influence also is being strengthened gradually, the market is overall inventory begins to increase, the price already also appeared to change apparently. Before this one steam - masses nimble amounts to inventory to decrease, the price rises 500 yuan; Stock of Shanghai current set rises, price fall 1000 yuan; Tianjin Xiali inventory decreases, price fall 500 yuan; Stock of Ao Di series reduces one steam, the price rises 1000 yuan; Stock of strange luck series rises, rise in price 300 yuan; Stock of pay of tower of Shanghai masses mulberry rises, rise in price 500 yuan; This cropland stock rises Guangzhou, rise in price 1000 yuan. As the addition of inventory, add September of large quantities of two handcart swarm into, will force the market to be begged for be more than inside proper time, cause two handcart price short-term wave motion. Suffer this effect, company of a few broker will shift to an earlier date the two handcart in adversary depreciate, such since the car after Olympic Games of two handcart market depreciates unavoidable, two handcart market will greet busy season.
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