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Destiny of Shanghai new car, two handcart is linked together
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Enter a new car era, want car sale continues to maintain high speed growth, cannot rely on new car market only, very old rate should see two handcart market, although apparently look can dispersive purchasing power, but actually two handcart trade the volume is higher, the newer rate of new car is rapidder, huge promoted new car market.

The two handcart markets of Shanghai August, what although be done not have,suffer an Olympic Games is how old influence, clinch a deal quantity also with on the month keeps balance basically, but the off-season market that always does not escape to cross at present. This week, the weather of Shanghai still brought certain influence to two handcart, the heavy rain that comes as scheduled everyday brought inconvenience to a travel of people, later fuggy to business door for it is to love war involuntarily more. The sky inside the market 4 buildings, every are free the car that give, do not close apparently to come up car. The tone on tax rate of the old car that discharge an amount is a lot of righter for business door, have certain impact, hold wait-and-see position at present, medium car can sell the hand as far as possible, profit is reduced, have those who will sell the model such as SUV, for the most part business door also dare be not bought, the reason is current the market this kind of move bad sale. To 400 thousand arrive for the 600 thousand high end between is old quantity, it is new car no matter still be two handcart, for the most part business door supports cautious attitude. 2 good cars trade bad, the new car of Shanghai also is to trade the quantity glides, in August, shanghai masses, beijing is contemporary, chang'an Ford already all depreciated, will last possibly in September sales promotion.

Face the market, a lot of business door go to current management move on the small automobile body that discharge an amount, be in Shanghai at present the most welcome still belong to Sangdana, shanghai masses begins to produce Sangdana since 1985. , 20 centuries 90 time later period, a variety of 60 technologies improve Shanghai masses, if 99 new show, century is new,rolled out beautiful, pretty, wait for a model. Sang Dana's long history, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, consistent quality assures, held the position that cannot replace in people heart. Recently, the reporter trades in Shanghai old motor vehicle 4 buildings discover the market, adjacent afternoon 4:30, a lot of ox and consumer see a car in rain, appeared long-unseen hot occasion, already concluded the price for the most part, preparation shifts a car. This among them, having what the person of 2/3 buys is Sangdana car. From the point of the sale status of new this year car, . Arrive in July, new car sells a model in the first still is Sangdana, sale is 129355. Amount to for nimble next, triumphant more, kaluola, elegant cabinet.
New car, the relation that supplement each other is between two handcart, national policy, the market cooperates, displacement business, sales promotion quotations, etc close tie is worn both. The balance is both, make do not conflict, what the car market that just can allow China grows is faster.
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