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Beijing: The two handcart market after the Olympic Games guesses
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The Olympic Games is in Beijing hold, promoted the development of a lot of Beijing industries, but the development of two handcart is absent among them, during the Olympic Games, beautiful country is secondhand the sales volume of car market also drops into lowermost cereal. Annual this moment August is off-season, but the Olympic Games is in this year of the capital hold off-season to the market influence remarkable. The occasion of jostle each other in a crowd of hall of change the name of owner in a register already did not have sign former days, much person of the car on the market is little, seem a big parking lot, each appearance cold and cheerless, than in former years even cold and cheerless, than last year sales volume of the corresponding period decreased two into the left and right sides.

After the Olympic Games ends, abstruse meeting catchs incomplete to still can hold a paragraph of period, two handcart market whether occurrence get warm again after a cold spell still is an unknown, from the point of the experience of in former years, september often is an inflection point that the market takes a favourable turn, popular also in the circle " Jin Jiuyin 10 " view. Look this year, be restricted of only even numbers to want to just can end September 20 greatly, above all, be restricted to go after measure ends, large quantities of other place cars advocate go to the lavatory to reach outward carriage car into Beijing; Secondly, as be restricted to go the end of measure, many illicit home cars advocate the 2nd car in wanting to handle a hand, and large quantities of Olympic Games car also will swarm into two handcart market, give infuse of two handcart market energy, the summit buying a car that broker company also wants to will come to answer New Year and store up car.

Removed the adjustment of policy of car consumption tax on September 1, the value that lets vehicle of big capacity in two handcart market undoubtedly increases, manage high-grade and secondhand the agent that imports a car also is in wait-and-see condition, but through this year of oil price after rising substantially, do not know consumer still is bought not acknowledge the superiority or seniority of.

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