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Shenzhen measures a model two handcart market is big rows to fade gradually
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As the attune on the price that oil tastes, increased not little pressure to gens of not rare car, and those who affect is big department that measure a vehicle also chases scumble to give Shenzhen subsequently two handcart market.

The vehicle that measures above in platoon of Shenzhen market 3.5L is fastened in small-sized and secondhand car market has not seen almost. And a little a few when bit larger two handcart market also can see amount to is not much only, discharge an amount greatly especially an unexpected winner car, be like Kaidilake, Kelaisile 300C, Oufeilaisi. Many two handcart dealer express to not be willing to receive an amount now big and the car of an unexpected winner, even if is it is very cheap to buy the price not much also to the businessman appeal, because have,enter without piece, can put only mostly there make a decoration, basic and unmanned make inquires. But although,the market that has actual strength quite shows these cars is an unexpected winner, but to accord with a brand the condition of two handcart, besides assure quality of mass of vehicle, service, easy shopping environment to wait beyond, car department also is completely a very main factor, expectation can make sure the customer that invites each to the market coming that buy a car can find the car that he admires in the heart.

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Many business door still think to international oil price rise, international situation can be complied with after the likelihood delays home to end to the Olympic Games behindhand, but this is advantageous to economic condition person for insusceptible. The businessman guesses, when oil price goes up to higher rate probably the small car that discharge an amount unmanned instead bought. Now already many cars a group of things with common features report is fast bear not to have high oily cost. Before two days have plum surname gentleman arrives network of the first car (Http:// ) when searching two handcart, express, actually early in the morning blacks horse with respect to what had valued a 1.6GE to be blocked automatically amount to, the price is to be in 110 thousand the left and right sides, although price appreciably is some more expensive, but Mr Li likes this car very much, this price also can be accepted, what can make him hesitant is raise car cost for a long time later. According to the part business door mirrors some clients to buy a car regretted after a few months, because raise a car,brought not little pressure to sell a market to come the car again. And the policy of press car consumption tax August 13 will be adjusted, according to Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state total bureau informs, rose on September 1, platoon capacity comes 4 litres in 3 litres of above (contain 4) by with the car, tax rate comes by the attune on 15 % 25 % , capacity is in of 4 litres of above by with the car, tax rate comes by the attune on 20 % 40 % ; Capacity is in 1 litres (contain 1) of above by with the car, tax rate is reduced by 3 % to 1 % . Two handcart market of future what course to follow, our wait and see what happens.
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