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Shanghai old motor vehicle trades market car take hard
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Was judged to be last year " two handcart of Chinese trade the market 50 strong " Shanghai old motor vehicle trades the market, it is Shanghai person enrages company of the most exuberant, broker's most two handcart to trade the market. The market held water 1997, be located on road of downtown Zhongshan north, border line of core of Zhongshan north road is worn high, in all 500 many cars, the building that divide a layer shows car, in Shanghai the biggest two handcart in making people heart trade center.

The car that all conditions decided here value a lot of money, the position that broker company and numerous agent yearn for to be able to have been in has a car. Arrive three-pair car those who press the position is different, cent differs to 240 yuan for 90 yuan, it is the car that first broker company place has only what sell is pretty good. Annual the contract expires to do not have business door to put forward actively to renew the contract no longer to the market, this also became Shanghai old motor vehicle to trade market car nervous the mainest reason. It is when business door sale is stagnant, it can choose a little part vehicle hire the ox outside field, general lease is in a year. To business door for, the car that has a good place the plan that sells quickly with respect to very can old rate. October is this market for the most part business door signs agreement date afresh, if have,manage bad company to choose to exit, this became everybody to contend for a car to the market optimal period, but such opportunity not a lot of.

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Hold water 97 years as a result of the market up to now, had formed more large-scale, trade quite active also, the car is done not have in the market below the circumstance, company of sea embellish broker chooses to be opposite the market, lie between trestle only, the two handcart that open oneself sell an exhibition hall, this week on July 11, near neighbour market (Yuan Yongda new car sells site of 2 class inn) opened the 2nd storefront----Exhibition hall of Bao Banger handcart. Inside inn capacious and bright, can hold many 20 vehicle, give priority to in order to sell high-end car. Form concept of high-quality goods store. More and more broker company options trade in Shanghai old motor vehicle manage near the market, formed two handcart to center, the situation with broker company intense competition. Offerred diversiform choice opportunity for consumer.

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