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Beijing: Car city became off-season this year freezing point in August
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The couplet in network of the first car spends countryside to report integratedly: The Olympic Games begins already close a week, all looks and line of sight are among our wonderful Olympic Games match, our two handcart market is nearly most how, the author is below in Beijing two old cars trade the information of the market.

The author trades in Beijing old motor vehicle the market sees, the market besides have fraction customer seeing a car besides, be in very hard see other people, boss and counterjumper executed in rotation to make, company a little a bit older boss is absent commonly the market, employee also is in rotation falls, partial car compares little individual boss to be in commonly, sales volume as before very low, the sales volume August comes round to look from eye not allow hopeful, the likelihood is this year the freezing point that two handcart sell, in the C area of beautiful country market and D area, total sales volume is not worth this week 100, press at ordinary times sale level, mere among them the sales volume of any area a week can pass 100, a lot of car was become valence does not have city.

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Old motor vehicle of Beijing beautiful country trades the market one horn

In in couplet car trades the market, the circumstance also nots allow euqally hopeful, a lot of companies are flat have a holiday directly finish sth, the car of the company has generation of fatigue neighbour company to saw era sell, car put in storage is in backwater condition basically also, sell euqally unmanned also make inquires, everybody's idea is put in the Olympic Games above, more people are in by day the car of the market by take a nap, reason because watch the game in the evening,rest mostly too late. Sale of car of the couplet in this week is in 60 or so basically, not as good as 2/3 last week. The consumer that the market comes round to see a car also is little little, the market also was entered off-season medium freezing point.

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Couplet market car sells a picture in

Look so Beijing two big market of two handcart spending enters freezing point, look August also is this year the freezing point of two handcart markets of Beijing, stock market glides all the way this year and CPI rises ceaselessly, tall house does not fall, consumer is not very good to economic feeling, cause major person to manage money wait-and-see, as it is said, after the Olympic Games ends, the policy of car respect still can have possibly adjust, discharge quantity car greatly especially this one part, also be to create customer wait-and-see and what do not move to buy is main reason.
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