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Beijing: Two handcart city greets beautiful country new round of trough
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Enter oneself since August, two handcart market sells off-season influence to be strengthened gradually, beautiful country old motor vehicle trades the market was greeted new round sale trough.

As the Olympic Games kick off, the look of consumer also appears to be transferred momently. Inventory of current car of beautiful country market also relatively on the month drops somewhat, be business door receives car discretion, stop a car in that way unlike busy season so delighted, the price is not particularly right vehicle does not close; 2 be during be worth an Olympic Games, car advocate also tightened up the car in the hand, more popular model also does not close. From the point of total sales volume, relatively on lunar the corresponding period dropped to one is become.

As we have learned, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state had issued the policy that car consumption tax adjusts since September 1, raise big quantity to take the consumption tax tax rate that uses a car, capacity comes 4 litres in 3 litres of above (contain 4 litres) by with the car, tax rate by 15% on move to 25% , capacity is in of 4 litres of above by with the car, tax rate by 20% on move to 40% . Consumption tax rises 10%-20% goes up with respect to what mean car price in 10%-20% .

Manage high-grade and secondhand the agent that imports a car also tells the author, the economic company that runs big platoon to measure two handcart this year collected appropriate of a defecate likely. Because trade periodic reason, current, in their hand high-grade and secondhand car stock is very enough still, the increases to allow these cars undoubtedly value of consumption tax increases, after policy is carried out, the price of these cars will be very strong. Accordingly, at present they are not eager to selling, be in wait-and-see condition however, await policy come on stage.

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