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Two handcart market enters couplet in " the Olympic Games is off-season "
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Market of the couplet in network of the first car reports 7 numbers: To salute the advent of the Olympic Games, answer the call of Beijing government, couplet market shuts city one day on August 8 definitely in, 9 later normal practice.

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Market of the couplet in this week is secondhand car sales volume still is not very good, buy a car to sell a car to be in backwater condition, to today two handcart sales volume was the market only August 80 or so, than going up lunar the corresponding period glides be close to 20 percent. The author also sees in the market, because weather is torrid,add off-season the influence with the Olympic Games, the market buys a car before very few somebody, receive a car to also be in backwater condition, business door people say, the market should return to normal likelihood when after the Olympic Games ends, october may greet the height of a sale, to in those days the circumstance is protected better.

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