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Two handcart market puts Shenzhen in safe hidden trouble
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This moment photograph of Shenzhen climate and in former years is compared, damp is aggravating, rainwater is loved it seems that went up Shenzhen, want to swing swing do not drop. Many citizens express, the summer this year looks weather is very abnormal. According to Shenzhen atmosphere report Shenzhen will have 5 typhoons to land this year, still be in Lanina the phenomenon continues period, weather of paroxysmal unusual calamity sex slants much, torrential rain of sex of region of standoff of predicting influence urban district is more, produce the atmosphere calamity such as waterlogging easily.

In face Shenzhen durative harships is seasonal, construction of two handcart market highlights Shenzhen problem of safe hidden trouble. Shenzhen is secondhand car market basically distributings in 3 area, because manage car class and berth hire,differred to also decide the position of field. Distributing the two handcart market that is in the urban district is to be managed indoors, face harships season relative safety a lot of, and Xi Li area is secondhand car market is more type is built by outdoors tent and become in order to hire landform, a few harships come down, individual market a lot of tent already were thrown by the rainstorm have more very person day of whole tent Dou Lou. Although harships passes hind two handcart market undertakes repairing can be returninged to the place that destroys somewhat is same material, the practice of deceive oneself is unavoidable let a person worry about safe problem. Some is secondhand first half of the year car market because car contingency, cause burn down of car combustion ceiling. Before Che Kejian, the seriousness that the nip in the bud realizes a problem and when carrying out the importance that rectifies and reform measure to still be not late. And regarding two handcart as the market should not be field is offerred only square, also be management square.

Two handcart industry " two hand wagon flow connect an enterprise to build a standard " discussing at present and perfect detail, the standard is secondhand standard of program of the section provision of car place, distribution, construction, housing materials, besides offer relevant such as to deal with two handcart to trade to serve a target, appraisal is evaluated, move is registered outside waiting for form a complete set to serve, still stipulate two handcart trade the market and management main body because misgovern or fault behavior causes losing to consumer, still ought to assume corresponding legal responsibility lawfully. Come so, two handcart market will come true to be in charge of to consumer to managing principal part truly.

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