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On August 26, former address in Dong Hua two handcart move the Shen Rong Dong Hua outside two handcart market " " , show location to be in Dong Hua is secondhand car market is indoor. This company still established independent exhibition hall here, more large-scale perfected what exist before a variety of malpractice. Remove this to Shen Rong Dong Hua is big for two handcart change, appraisal of the following to it also development certain foundation.

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Click here to see big picture

The exhibition hall with two new handcart is in Shen Rong Dong Hua the conspicuous least of all position inside the market, for Dong Hua of this Shen Rong two handcart did professional billboard, so that warn customer advertent. According to actual observation, this week sales volume is not hopeful, but the staff member expresses to have hope very much, believe foreground is infinite.

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