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Two handcart cheater lifts Fujian spring state close
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" ★ of ★ of ★ ★ good news: Our company low sells brand-new reach secondhand: (Feng Tian, this cropland, ao Di, pasate, sang Dana, fasten a gram, treasure comes, ni Sang, BMW, run quickly wait for a car) . Be like secondhand elegant cabinet 2.0i-VTEC-5 10 thousand, camry 2.4-6.5 10 thousand, ao Di A6-1.8T-6 10 thousand, sang Dana 2000-3 10 thousand, pasate B5-1.8T - 45 thousand, treasure comes 1.8-3.5 10 thousand etc.
Have additionally [mobile phone (SamSung, nuojiya, motolora) , number, the commodity such as computer] formalities is all ready, the card on the bag, bag change the name of owner in a register, after wrapping deliver goods and carry out, guarantee acceptance. Intended person the phone in taking a hand at once please is dialed 13850733315 contact with Lin Xin " , " sharp let Camry of 04 former outfit 2.4 luxurious model car, total course of development does not exceed 15 thousand kilometer, 9 into new, without cause trouble, without overhaul. Procedure is whole, but change the name of owner in a register. Can do sth for sb on card and remote town deliver goods, sincere price 50 thousand, not counter-bid. " information.

These are the cheater of different gang actually above, when you are contacted with cheater, you want cheater of which kinds of model to be able to say have, and meet a car condition make up smallpox is in disorder compose, and can tell you the bag to the license plate on formalities bag includes deliver goods, ask price, so low that let you it seems that the feeling is to selling scrap iron, the cheater that does not believe still can tell you matter with custom, privately checks the car that smash, sell how many money to be able to earn, tell you us to these are pilfer grabs car even, nevertheless we have with public security mechanism trade, can board car wash record afresh door, the company is in somewhere some has storefront, have fixed telephone call, have fixed stuff, you can see money, etc, and cheater people says company is commonly somewhere large car trades center or square, cannot be being found at all is which. The inquiry trades means, cheater people can assign an account to you, let you hand in 1000-2000 yuan deposit, inform individual data to be able to deal with relevant formalities to carry file, then sends what the car appoints to you any cities, goods arrives again paid and surplus payment for goods, cheater people what eloquence comparatives is good, won't letting you feel is for really so trifling 89 money and let your give in, right now if you believe no longer at this point finish, you are lucky, if you are thinking not with respect to 2000 money, try also not without cannot, did not allow to still can pick a big petty gain, then you were cheated by them.
The first pace. Delimit deposit when you cheater people after account, cheater tells you he goes formally finance affairs has been checked, deposit has arrived account, he can deal with formalities now, after spending a few hours, cheater can be in contact with you, say to deal with the formalities that carry file to need 5000- - the formalities charge of 10000, this charge is must him client of the burden, must clear now, deduct automatically in payment for goods, if you realize you are decieved right now, insist to pay no longer, cheater or tells you that to our business did not have a law to do, this is the regulation of the company, responsibility has yourself to assume, deposit cannot be returned, at this moment you are luckier, loss 89 yuan, if right now you paid a money mistily,still having a kind of case is, or you are soberer hold to goods to arrive to pay together again, cheater may promise your requirement, can say formalities has been dealt with complete, it is good to follow connection now, the requirement place that can press you sends a car. After defining specific delivery site when you, cheater can call tell you, the car had set out now, we are delivering the goods somewhere some time some time. After you await a certain number of hours patiently, namely after the time of reasonable drive a vehicle that the car goes to from cheater company seat over there your there, cheater can look at a map to call tell you, we had arrived now somewhere somewhere, general meeting says a few large mark sex constructions, you want money of car of prepaid clear the rest, we just allow unit or the person sending a car of the armed police makes the car with you, if you insist to want to see goods pay again first, cheater can say this is your domain, who do if let you saw a car grab a car not to pay,they look for, still can list oneself to ever ate such having a deficit namely where where, still can say one pile speaks sincerity, be no good really, still can reduce a requirement to make you paid half payment for goods also is waited a moment all right, if you right now paid money, perhaps insist not to pay should see goods pay again, they were about to disappear, if you paid a half cash right now, they can say to acquaintance informs a circumstance to have now change, should use some of money to boodle some mechanism of place, otherwise car most likely, perhaps saying is precatory unit staff sends a car, must give a red bag meaning to wait various reason a moment to let you pay again etc, if you insist not to pay, they also should disappear. You call again in the past, cheater people or closes machine, or does not pick up the telephone, or pays no attention to you, checking a phone is what China travel, move feeling region and so on need not the phone that the identity registers gets stuck, fixed phone and Zhang name also are registered with fake identity document.
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