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[friendship reminds] two handcart cheater is increasingly rampant! ! !
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Two handcart cheater shows more and more rampant nowadays, pattern is increasing also, this edition open up this post, meaning reminding the friend that wants to buy a car to raise vigilance, do not be deceived. Also hope netizens can release your result experience at the same time with this, in order to show another person!

Two handcart cheater is commonly used intrigue:

1, in each big website is released false and secondhand car information
2, after you and strung of their phone couplet, the other side asks for the other items such as sincerity gold or deposit
3, after you made money, they are met with all sorts of items, for instance 30 % head pay, license plate is expended on, send fare to be waited a moment etc, next one pace allows your remit money
4, according to our company two handcart manage experience, the price of inexpensive car if under the market coequal and secondhand the 20 % of the car, that may have the car of the problem namely, for instance to turn over passes, or formalities has a problem.

Answer way:
1, above all sturdy belief, do not see bunny does not scatter an eagle. Buy bout car not to differ that to nod travelling expenses, after the phone is contacted, immediate demand comes to shift a car, no matter the other side is in which, if the other side refuses with a variety of reason, or ask you are prepaid little deposit, send a car to you next, that still is not bought had better.
2, did not take Che Jian to be able to pay the other side one minute cash anything but, if you paid brushstroke, then you were finished with respect to affirmation.
3, since two handcart cheater from fontal city most notorious, if cheater takes mobile phone order had better get online look up number source, very convenient.
4, be sure to keep in mind not to want the individual detailed data, be like an unit, address, the information such as Id number provides opposite party, lest was cheated in the future, meeting menace harms each other you and your family, let you dare not report a case to the security authorities.

- - the gimmick of excellent psychology bunco of two handcart cheater

Character: A self-righteous pig head leading role, 3 acting can resemble the person that award wins a prize than the U.S. dollor, the cheater that plays psychological tactics to surpass psychological doctor

Place: Shenzhen

The tall average per capita such as this gathers in Shenzhen, (use cheater A below. Cheater B, cheater C, will replace)
In order to exceed the masses that low car price will come to attract anxious to get things on the cheap, hitting custom to punish do not have a car, the cover bunco that through the relation the one continuous line that include a brand serves! And unusual meeting uses psychological method.

Above all, what you can go up because of the net is secondhand the attraction that imports information of car petty gain makes the telephone call to the cheater A that does business, (although you had listened to a lot of memoir that be cheated, but still touched the temptation that does not get low name car to dial this each to burn a hot line) . Begin to introduce the battle array of his company for you by A, cheater A won't say him what car has, just make the car of some a few brands, and seem very straight-out tell you, it is reasonable that they do this illegimate, cannot offer concerned receipt and company license plate to you so. He still can understand tell you, although they are dozen of moves " Shenzhen city is new limited company of abstruse car trade " inn name deal, (it is to this registers a company really) it is swashbuckling only however just, still claim have on the network now too much the message that sells a car cheats deposit, do their business to be done hard, let buy the home to feel their sincerity is laudable, reduce psychology to guard against!
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