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One of little skill of two handcart conserve -- lacquer face is checked piece
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The car is using knock against of the hard to avoid in the process or cut, do Qilai to make up for with respect to need. When buying two handcart so need not care about overly whether had made paint, but the actor bad rate that should notice to make paint, can use " the hand is felt soon " method. Those who be worth a specification is: The place that two handcart have a few to make paint is no wonder, it also won't be caused to the price of two handcart how old influence, but the traffic accident that can judge this two handcart to whether had appeared to affect vehicle performance great or badly through becoming the place of lacquer.

Local make paint: Because loiter of small knock against cut causes damage of face of automobile body lacquer,be commonly, use local make paint. Still have even if automobile body needs Ban gold after local damage, paint also should be made later.

Whole vehicle makes paint: Wait for a reason as a result of loiter of cut of lacquer face ageing, knock against, accident, need undertakes making paint to whole vehicle.

Observe whether car does lacquer to basically have the following kinds of methods:

1, see radial reflex and off shade: Through the light and shade of automobile body reflex contrast is judged whether to make paint, the local reflex that makes paint commonly is very dark. But a few high-grade cars are the engage by special arrangement that appoints in manufacturer maintains a station to bake lacquer, computer match colors, match paint, distribute bright oil, the quality that makes paint is first-rate, observe not easily. To metallic lacquer, how many what can examine content of lacquer face metal. Of course, the car user with the good quality that make paint from need not very care about. The car with the bad quality that make paint can produce off color, more apparent also, the user can see.

2, the feeling that use a hand arranges slippery sex: The local sense that makes paint will be not suitable slip, at the same time of automobile body not level off also can feel come out.

3, observation has the mark that does not have sand paper burnish: Should blow be bored with only child after using sand paper burnish, can stay have a mark, have very much or thick or fine streak, with the periphery that make paint section of whole primary vehicle lacquer is different.

4, beat automobile body to judge: The place sound of Ban gold wants a few graver, as a result of cut be bored with child Bao Houcheng is spent and primary vehicle lacquer is different.

5, notice edge, adornment reach balata weather strip: Look to whether remain paints the trace is mixed " shed lacquer " trace.

6, open a machine to build: The examination has without rudimental paint and the chromatism that paint with automobile body.

Anyhow, do lacquer to basically include " cut loiter makes paint " and " paint is made after collision Ban gold " , also suggest here car advocate maintain a station to manufacturer " room of the lacquer that bake " make paint, quality will be better.
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