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Xin Weichi wants " cease to be faithful " be about to carry engine of Feng Tianx
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The reporter is exclusive recently fromOne steamFeng TianKnow: Those who install engine of VVT-i of axle of 1.5 litres of biconvex is brand-newPower gallopLand China formally when Chun Xia is alternant 2006 extremely likely. Xin Weichi undertakes the many sided such as outer view, interior trim, engine comprehensive innovation, truckload configuration also will upgrade in the round.

The graph is Xin Weichi

Disclose according to this message personage, at present abundant cropland is in one steam to discuss the relevant matters concerned that installs engine of VVT-i of axle of 1.5 litres of biconvex Xin Weichi to go up with abundant cropland car. If go well, install new engine power gallop extremely possible this year 67 month are sold in China. This car price should not under price of Yuan Weichi car.

According to introducing, the dynamical system that Xin Weichi carries, apply generally at the brunt engine of global market for active Fengtian, the engine of VVT-i of axle of 1.5 litres of biconvex that code name of this former plant is 1NZ-FE, most high-power 109ps/6000rpm, the biggest torsional 14.5kgm/4200rpm. According to reporter understanding, INZ-FE1.5 rises engine to have province oil, efficient, low platoon to abandon wait for an advantage, have every to rise gasoline the good performance of average travel 16.8km.

Additional as we have learned, xin Weichi besides in " heart " the respect has big movement outside, the respect such as this car exterior, interior trim and configuration also has very about-face. Differ along with the model, headlight of HID xenon gas, strike system of sound of image of DVD charging pattern (MP3 function) , function of CD(MP3 of type of the buy before 2Din) reach short antenna to wait brand-new deploy be brought into likely one by one.

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