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Consumer buys car common sense to be badly in need of rising
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The car enters the business that the family has been a within sight but beyond reach no longer now, but major family still buys a car basically for the first time, because buy a car for the first time, have major customer so very blind when buying a car, what should notice when knowing to buy more, just often listen to the simple introduction of agency, also halfhearted seeks advice, buy car redemptive home directly.

Meet again the end of the year, what whenever the end of the year is,everybody knows to buy goods is exuberant period, the car is not exceptional also. The sales promotion of the end of the year that is in city of near future car had begun, and major customer has made the preparation that buys a car to celebrate a festival, but buying a car is not to resemble buying a clothing simple in that way, it needs to have buy commonsensible ability certainly to buy gratified flexibly car.

The author received the issue that a lot of consumer appear when buying a car recently, be like; Have a customer after buying a car to leave two days, what bought December discover when examining engine in the morning this car is this year obviously, the manufacturing date that can be this car is this year however March, but agency says those who leave factory to this car is new however, telling him left factory March, as a result of this car already park nearly 10 months, and agency also did not give on car price any privilege, make this customer big breathe out be duped, then the decision removes the car, perhaps be agency itself guilty, agreed to remove a car, but retreating the key password that this car discovers however when the car makes the key,disappeared (note; Key password is us often say model code, it and key are put together, it is the password that car key loses the place when needing to match new key to use, if lose a password to match the expenditure of the key afresh,will not be a decimal eye) , but do not know the utility of the password because of consumer, and agency also did not tell him at that time, a casual password when this consumer is assembling new key chain to desertioned, come so virtually gives retreated a car to cause very big trouble.

Afore-mentioned problem still basically buys car common sense to be not worth what what cause because of consumer, there still are a lot of notes when buy.

One, old car is sold when new car

The old car that indicates here is not the two handcart that we say, however those leave factory time is earlier park the car of period of time, if these car dealer sell, so its price should be compared newest the car that leave factory is favourable a lot of, but the date of production that because sell the person that expend not to admit,examines car really, often be sold old car when new car by agency, so consumer must examine the manufacturing date of car seriously when buy, if produce date to exceed 3 months, so be about to talk with agency how favourable.
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