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The expert raises action novice to pick car brand each has his strong point
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Face the new model that emerge in endlessly, the customer that buys a car for the first time always feels to feel do not wear brains, for this, the reporter interviewed the personage inside a few course of study, summed up a few experience that choose new car and skill to buy the customer of the car:

   Each has his strong point of each country brand

The car of characteristic and immediate impact of car advocate drive experience, economy and security.

Europe department car is solid: Generally speaking, europe fastens car batholith solid, automobile body is solid, hold accuse essence of life to allow, engine emphasizes power the biggest change and make excellent, can bring more driving fun, insufficient at its interior trim general color is drab and charge for the making of sth. is coarse.

Beautiful department car is composed: The automobile body security of beautiful department car is pretty good, chassis is composed, dimensional Mahayana sits comfortable, of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is oily bad news relatively exorbitant.

Day Han car is delicate: Day Han fastens a car to wait for a respect in exterior and interior trim, the charge for the making of sth. that use material is gone after delicate, tall tigidity emphasizes on automobile body structure, of the model change car of more Euramerican also department is a lot of faster, but day Han is a car in mechanical performance side car of more Euramerican department has a bit not as good as, especially the drill when high speed accuses, stability and quicken ability to still have very large promotion space again.

Own car is substantial: A few joint-stock or indigenous industries adopt the way that the whole world purchases to undertake the car is produced now, this country introduces engine, that country introduces chassis product line, oneself design automobile body to wait a moment, should make clear only the production of the spare parts or purchase a country, the character that also can fasten according to the car will judge the relevant feature of car.

   The person has 1000 cars to have 100 kind

The face that the appearance of the car resembles a person is same, like of course beautiful, to loving the external form of the car, the crowd of different estate also has different kind different choice.

Fashionable youth: Can choose vogue to move feeling, color to spend handsome model, like QQ, SPARK, swift, fly degree, pineapple, Gower, Qi is amounted to etc.

White-collar elite: Can choose elegant atmospheric model, be like corollaceous, triumphant more, golf, Yilante, beautiful 307, Fox, Yi Da is waited a moment.

Business affairs personage: Can choose sedate atmospheric model, if A6 of sounds of nature, Mengdiou, elegant cabinet, Jun Wei, La Diao, imperial crown, Pasate, Ao Di, Suonada is waited a moment.

Successful personage: The elite of class of ashes of the dead such as diamond Wang Laowu and successful personage, model of OK and fashionable high atmospheric, if Ao Di A4, BMW, Woerwo, M6, Ou Bao is waited a moment.
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