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Car price is too low beware trap buys a car guideline of common consumption trap
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The price is lower be decieved more easily, the price crosses low backside, consumer should beware trap. Cross low price to often come from corporeal market " car bug " , these car bug often look at the mentality that followed consumer to love to gain extra advantage unfairly, attract customer through low come over, the other business segment in passing the course that buy a car next if insurance, adornment, wait to gain fund in installment, some uses illegal method to cheat customer even. It is a few common consumption trap below.

Steal transferring component

This wide standing Shi Hui of general manager of water bridge store told about a real case to the reporter: "A client is passed inferior of city ' car bug ' bought an elegant cabinet, although the price is cheaper than 4S inn,2000 yuan are controlled, but go back to look, 5 tire are Han Tai, and the tire of elegant cabinet ought to be Mijilin, the price of every tire differred hundreds of yuan. Consumer must oneself draw out money to change tire into Mijilin again to 4S inn. Consumer must oneself draw out money to change tire into Mijilin again to 4S inn..

Return the insurance of benefit high

"Car bug " the insurance that the insurance that goes up to consumer often is a few small insurance company, return benefit to want to compare large and normal insurance company a lot of taller, some is as high as 50% . The insurance manage compensate of the small insurance company on car bug is more difficult, the specified number that decides caustic is spent inferior, if price of the fittings when manage compensate consults,steam matchs the price of the city, a lot of moment build a car also is in roadside small shop. Sometimes car bug cannot seasonable the insurance company of charge turn over to the higher authorities insurance, if the car of consumer gave an issue during this, will cannot get manage compensate.

The adornment of affusion

Sometimes " car bug " meet an illuminative price drive up, earn sudden huge profits from which, also need at this o'clock to notice.

Accident car

Manager of a dealer also warns customer, the car with too low price is accident car likely, "Car bug " what can sign up for the price of this kind of car is very low, some 4S inn also can handle accident car with low.

Other business chain is compensated

Too low price still is met compensate from inside the other segment that buys a car, the car that be like check, in installment, delivery of cargo from storage, actually consumer won't spend money less.

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