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6 near futures depreciate small-sized car guides buy
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The domestic dispatch of the car as the end of the year closer and closer, the competition of small-sized car market is more intense, a lot of friends also plan to be when privilege of price of the end of the year is bigger buy a car, and in trade the market, a lot of average dealer also increase the favourable strength to the model ceaselessly to go after sales volume, the price of a few popular and small-sized cars has next defeat again of late.


Favourable: 2000 yuan of ~ 4000 yuan

A few days ago, one steam is opposite Tianjin 8 Xiali of the sell like hot cakes below its banner depreciate sales promotion, the value is the greatest fall panel height amounts to 4000 yuan. This is this year before the end of the year sells busy season to come first manufacturer depreciates behavior.

The home of the car

Xiali new N3 continues the exterior of 04 N3 vogue, its are comfortable gender, human nature is changed and practical promote somewhat. Integral style compares guileless, but do not feel inflexible, interior trim also undertook brand-new development design, the appearance that the station controls in changes somewhat than old money, look fashionable a lot of, store the face plate appearance of content box periphery also is changed somewhat, declining point of view is older, such making that the leg ministry space of in front of is a few more capacious.

The home of the car

Depreciate this enclothed Xiali 8 models, fall among them highest is N3 of 3 compartment Xiali depreciates 4000 yuan, after depreciating, price of highest configuration of N3 of 3 compartment Xiali is fifty-five thousand eight hundred yuan only. And just exhibit the 1.4L Xiali that roll out in Changchun car this year 3 compartment and both sides depreciate 2000 yuan or so.


The price: Eighty-four thousand nine hundred yuan

Favourable: 5000 yuan

AVEO is nodded to sell with vogue, automobile body line is concise and agile, the interior trim of grey black alternate with inside the car accords with popular element, the plating chromium adornment of appearance dial, steering wheel and air conditioning mouth appears very much motion feels.

The home of the car

It is OK that AVEO is being returned with respect of makings charge for the making of sth. , do not pass and have certain difference, there is a fold board on the back of the chair of deputy driver's seat, the cup still can be put above, compare human nature to change, but material is shown slightly with charge for the making of sth. character coarse.
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