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10 medium-sized car recommends 200 thousand yuan of less than guide buy
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The domestic dispatch of the car drives to liking to experience for the friend of fun, the hand is moved blocking a model is first-rate choice of course, move those who block new Mazda6 to appear on the market as 2.0L hand, medium-sized car had a few main aspects the hand is moved block a model, and move in numerous hand in blocking medium-sized car, do that one suit you quite? Friends have some of hesitation in the hard to avoid on the choice, we recommend a few hands of 200 thousand yuan of less than to use the medium-sized car that block to everybody below, everybody mights as well consult.

Elegant cabinet

The price: One hundred and ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

Elegant cabinet is regarded as the post in medium-sized car market all the time, and before the hand of 2 common edition that appears on the market for some time is moved blocking is elegant cabinet exclusive a hand is moved block a model, after appearing on the market, got the favour of a lot of friends, in at present value of so intense medium-sized car market competes in, hand of this 2 common edition is moved block a model not only do not depreciate, increase price even 5000 yuan, see its welcome rate.

The home of the car

The exterior close fact of elegant cabinet is chastening, the car head modelling of low bend over, bring a person force of a kind of labor need the momentum of hair, the finishs wire gauge of shallow lubricious harmonic music greatly to rectify appearance stage model on interior trim is close to lineal format more, metal of He Yaguang copy decorates sleek and gorgeous copy peach wood make inside cabin appears very mature. Material pledges and craft although not very fastidious, but invite person winkle trouble not easily also. Dimensional respect, before low hind tall wedge automobile body leaves have more than needed to backlash, leg ministry space is good still.

The home of the car

Configuration respect, hand of this 2 common edition moves the configuration that blocks a model still is very pretty good, be like in front of EBD of + of double gasbag, ABS, adjustable rain of window of dermal steering wheel, electric car, induction is brushed and automatic air conditioning is a standard configuration, in light of must, move to the hand of 200 thousand yuan of less than block medium-sized car to tell, elegant cabinet still is very bad choice.


The price: One hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan

Mazda6 appears on the market in home hind, accuse a gender to get with outstanding drill all the time the favour of numerous consumer, and last weekend, the 2.0L hand that deserves to 6 fast hands use transmission case is moved block new Mazda6 to appear on the market, price one hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, the friend that this makes like Mazda6 undoubtedly much a choice, can experience more adequately drive brought joy.
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