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Investigation: Family expenses car year the charge that raise a car is 19908 yua
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The cost that raise a car is car friend all the time people the problem that cares most. An investigation of not long ago shows, car of current family expenses year the charge that raise a car is 19908 yuan about, day all 55 yuan; 100 kilometers are average oily bad news 8.77 litres.

This second investigation discovers, only 100 kilometers oily bad news is in the gets the person that visit car of 8.4% 6 litres of less than; 100 kilometers oily bad news is less than 8 litres occupy only suffer the person that visit 30.5% overall; Average oil bad news is in the 100 kilometers that more suffers the person that visit 8 litres of above, family expenses car 100 kilometers are average oily bad news is 8.77 litres. By at present every raise 93 oil price 4.28 yuan, family expenses car year all travel course of development 15127 kilometers, average oil bad news calculates every 100 kilometers 8.77 litres, family expenses car year fuel expenses is controlled for 5600 yuan about.

The car wants to be started only, can have wear away, so car maintains maintenance is most car advocate obligatory course. The car that participating in investigation advocate in, the car of 31% advocate maintenance expenses is in the month 200 yuan inside; It is the car of 22.1% next advocate month all upkeep costs is in 200 - 300 yuan; Month all upkeep cost is maximum 1000 yuan or so, occupy 11.7% ; Upkeep costs is average month 375 yuan, year maintenance expenses is 4500 yuan about.

This second investigation discovers, the car that has 30.6% advocate do not need to pay fixed downtime cost; And pay secures downtime cost most is every month 200 yuan of the following class, occupy about 37.8% ; It is next 200 - 400 yuan every months occupy 14.2% , secure downtime cost every months on average to be 218 yuan, average cost is 111 yuan every months about, come down one year defray of average downtime cost 3948 yuan.

The card on car is mixed year of careful when concerned branch asks to go up only danger of responsibility of a third party, also truly many people love a car to go up to his only danger of responsibility of a third party, investigation shows, this one scale is about 31% . But participate in investigation have car a group of things with common features the person of 33% went up 4 with average, of 36% went up fully comprehensive insurance. Car year average insurance expenses is 3145 yuan.

Investigation shows, suffer the person that visit to go one year in, che Junmei look adds the defray that wash a car to amount to 996 yuan, the driver of 7 4% has traffic to violate compasses act in going one year, pays for this fee amounts to 2 47 on average yuan; A few cars advocate the other expense that still exists to arise because of the car is 352 yuan about.

Plus current and annual must the car boat duty of pay 200 yuan, maintain a road expends 1320 yuan, use cost of a year is a car about 19908 yuan, investigator points out, actually, this nearly 20 thousand yuan expenditure is short-term merely the direct cost inside. If along with car buys the purchases itself of duty, car depreciation of pay to consider inside, long-term vehicle uses cost the meeting is taller. Buy the price currently with 100 thousand yuan car is exemple, car purchases duty 8500 yuan, if use 10 years, after 10 years convert into money of old car replacement 30 thousand, this was equivalent to paying 78500 yuan cash cost, plus restrict the 20 thousand cost of the left and right sides that raise a car every year, the use cost with 100 thousand yuan annual car should be in unit price 30 thousand yuan or so.
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