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The golden week buys a car practical and consummate choose and buy of litter of

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As the ceaseless promotion of people economy standard, more and more people deliver the view toDomestic car. From the point of market person energy of life and user reaction, car of class of 1.3 litres of introductions that discharge an amount contrasts tall, economy by right of its sex price the province is oily, practical wait for a characteristic by force, what making domestic car gradually is new bestow favor on, also attracted one large quantities ofBuy a carA group of things with common features eyeball. In advocate of rational consumption today, more people are in when buying a car no longer persistent Yu Jinshan uses up the United States, however economy practical put in the first. And in the market numerous in team of 1.3 litres of cars, how to choose truly good in quality and cheap in price, the family expenses with practical economy uses a car, it is one of difficult problem that a lot of person that buy a car face however. Here, we chose the model of market main force of quantities of 3 1.3 litres of platoons: New antelope, Xin Qiyun and Xiali N3 undertake comparative, the hope can provide the certain reference that buy a car for consumer.

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