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Acoustic quality image buys a car to hold note of DVD navigation system
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Be in car electron product is at present medium, the car carries DVD navigation place to hold proportion bigger and bigger, the new car vehicle of near 40% advocate installation car carries DVD navigation requirement. Accordingly, production, stick a card all sorts of DVD navigation products are many emerge in large numbers, and the quality difference of the product also exceeds your imagination.

Product of a lot of DVD is strong one mount car, speaker of sound of one step on the gas can give out scream, sound and image are very poor, when should because this is in,notice as follows mainly:

One, acoustic quality

DVD is to use those who broadcast music, acoustic quality stand or fall is very accordingly important. Accordingly, output of the capacity before those who understand this DVD opportunity must asking before DVD of choose and buy is a few " V " , perhaps have this machine and other DVD opportunity acoustic quality contrasts. If the acoustic quality of DVD machine can compare relative superiority or inferiority with CD engine acoustic quality, price of course also won't cheap where to go to.

2, image and DVD machine match an amount

DVD screen has imitate screen and number high-definition screen 2 kinds. Of imitate screen resembling element is 240*240 or 480*240 resemble element commonly, and high-definition screen is 800*480 commonly resemble element or taller. Additional, good DVD is to use double CD driver to match an amount, namely DVD, CD two kinds of CD driver.

3, the accuracy of navigation and use convenient

The navigation software that metropolis apply mechanically has compared good DVD manufacturer, poorer DVD navigation dies easily in the process in navigation machine, or navigation rate is slow, the accuracy of navigation is poorer also. What use because of good DVD navigation is " double nucleus " mode, use two independent CPU processing system namely, noninterference of such two systems each other, navigation rate is rapid, accuracy is tall, use convenient.

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