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Percent of pass of quality of air of new car of investigation of pollution of ca
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Concerned branch once had undertaken core condition pollutes a circumstance to investigate an activity concerned a car. Test result is shocking: In 1175 cars that accept a test, detect entirely project all the car of up to mark is 52 only, occupy 6.18% what already measured number. A few international there is no lack of in these problem cars well-known trademark car.

Citizen before Mr Zhu paragraph time hit a lawsuit because of problem of the air inside the car. At the beginning of June 2004, mr Zhu purchased a value one hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred yuan Ailishe. New car did not open how long Mr Zhu feeling itchs all over, to the hospital one examination got psoriasis. The environmental protection after the doctor thinks the likelihood is to decorate does not amount to mark be caused by, think many times Mr Zhu was in look lock surely on new car.

He made new car a test, the result makes him astonied, chroma of the formaldehyde inside its car exceeds bid entirely. Chroma of formaldehyde of the dissociate inside the car is 0.268mg/ stere, and national level is 0.08mg/ stere, exceeded 2 of times. Taking detect report Mr Zhu tells agency the court, go back of requirement car distributors buys car section and medical treatment cost, mental loss expenses to wait for one hundred and fifty-nine thousand eight hundred and thirty yuan. But hit circuit lawsuit, mr Zhu discovers, the country was not aimed at a factory standard of quality of the air inside the car, accordingly he lost a lawsuit.

Experts think, empty temperamental quantity is unqualified inside the car, have the adornment problem of consumer, also the car produces the problem of the gum that when manufacturer is producing a car, uses and other data. Of car apparatus dial plastic, the glue that uses when felt of carpet, roof, sofa and other adornment, can release formaldehyde in use process.

Hit oneself 2004, appear a few cases after the typical case that the air inside the car pollutes, the country is beginning hand formulate " standard of quality of the air inside the car " . But because the case is complex, up to now this standard is discussing in. Did not have a standard restrict, car of the biggest source produces an enterprise to press a root to enrage quality problem with respect to the sky inside ignored car. Neither one enterprise can make a test to the air inside the car before leave factory, and when choosing material, whether environmental protection also is not the consideration of the manufacturer.

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