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How much does sham harm know
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To the car advocate for, the health that loves a car without what comparing is more important, what waxes so, glair is uniform it is to not hesitate heavy gold, often ignored love car however however the basiccest maintain, a lot of cars advocate the place building a car that likes to match city and so on to steam maintains car, if did not take care to use sham part,do not know however, can bring about love car to be damaged badly, the difference on quality of a few kinds of commonly used true bogus spare parts and function introduces to you below.

- air filter

Go up from the exterior difference of spare parts of true and false is not big, but look to have very big difference however from function.

(1) can look from filterability, the filterability that the filterability of pure card spare parts can want to compare sham spare parts can tower above 10 times the left and right sides!

(2) looks from dimension, the measure that pure card spare parts wants to compare sham spare parts more the norms that accords with car place to need!

(3) looks from service life, pure card spare parts is 2 times taller than the service life of sham spare parts!

Harm: Use sham air filter for a long time to be able to make a large number of dust enter engine, make engine serious damage.

- brake piece

(1) function compares: Through the experiment, installed sham turn off a machine piece the car wants stop a car of purer than was being installed card piece distance of apply the brake is long 30% . (2) hear resistance compares: Sham brake piece as a result of hear resistance not beautiful is brought about in chafe for long below the circumstance of high temperature piece fall off with plate effect of influence apply the brake.

Harm: Brake piece it is the component with crucial travel of safeguard mankind safety, if used sham stop a machine by cutting off the power piece apply the brake is caused very likely to be out of order in travel, uncontrollable speed, bring serious consequence.

- sparkplug

(Function of 1) heat conduction: From the point of the central electrode of sparkplug, the central electrode of pure card sparkplug is copper pledges stuff place is done, can achieve performance of first-rate heat conduction. Function of sham sparkplug heat conduction is far spare parts of card of poor Yu Chun.

(2) heat-resisting function: Through be able to bear or endure calorific value experiment reachs the heat-resisting value of pure card sparkplug wants tower above sham sparkplug 2 times!

Harm: Use sham low qualitative sparkplug for a long time to bring about electrode very likely to melt bring about engine to be damaged.

Cannot distinguish the apparent difference of sham spare parts and existence of pure card spare parts from the exterior as consumer, be in so spare parts of choose and buy when, must buy pure card part to designation distribute inn, such your ability put a person's mind to use, install a person's mind to drive!
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