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Conserve little knowledge: Buy Che Chuangqing to wash the problem that the agent
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The Che Chuangqing lotion that offers on 1. market can be used at car windscreen glass to be cleaned outerly only generally speaking. Unfavorable be used at indoor glass clean. Unless emphasized particularly on the service instruction of the product,can use indoors.

Medium color just uses lotion of 2. Che Chuangqing to make distinction with water, do not have to each real function any help. Cannot measure a product so with liquid color eligible.

3.Use method: Enter bucket of lay aside fluid inside, with sprinkler direct and ejective. If sprinkler became bad, also can dip in with soft cloth directly Che Chuangqing lotion wipes glass.

4.The measurement technique of the freezing point of Che Chuangqing lotion and antifreeze are different. Because the bases of antifreeze is mixed for glycol,go ionic water, there is a kind of freezing point appearance that checks glycol antifreeze technically on market, it is appearance of a kind of refraction actually, suit to solution of this kind of glycol only. And the content of the glycol in Che Chuangqing lotion is finite, do not suit this kind of instrument so. The freezing point that measures Che Chuangqing lotion can use special testing instrument only.

5.After clear to using car window lotion, prevent frostbite puts the period of validity of mist, it is generally speaking 48 arrive 72 hours. But because particular case is different and effective time is not quite same also, for instance indoors, significant time is about to grow a few, and fresh gale, wet, Xue Tian is like in a few harsh weather, or it is humidity bigger, significant time is shorter.

6.The car window clear lotion of different brand had better not be mixed with. Because the product of different brand uses makings and freezing point different, mix the meeting after using to change original freezing point, the influence is used. The exterior activator that still different product place is used is different, electrified sex is different, may cause dye to wait sedimentation.

7.The summer with winter model. The car window clear lotion on market divides the summer commonly model with winter model, actual distinction namely freezing point is different, other constituent should do not have distinction, have clean a gender, fight electrostatic and defend the performance such as mist, che Chuangqing lotion of the summer just does not have prevent frostbite sex. The summer although temperature is higher, but same existence prevents mist, combat electrostatic problem, and glass is cleaned in monsoon more frequent. The exterior activator in car window clear lotion can help rain brush implement film of spread out water, reduce windscreen water is hanged on glass. The experiment proves, commonly used and ordinary water has to automobile body damage, want to use Che Chuangqing lotion all the year round so. Clear lotion of hiemal car window can be in completely the summer is used, just have bit of waste one's talent on a petty job just.
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