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Daily make a diagnosis and give treatment needs the car maintenance is specific
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The car before going on a long journey what " organ " want wait to see a doctor

L. Drive the car a relatively even place, stop firm hind whether is examination engine oil of dipstick scale most upper limit, must notice engine bottom does not want leakage oil at the same time.

2. Whether is the water in before starting, wanting to check cistern added full. To avoid engine water lukewarm exorbitant, had better use antifreeze, such OK also and cleared furring. Do not forget add full glass cleaner, ten thousand encounter all the way rain, clean glass is indispensable.

3. Whether is the fat face that has a look at brake oil of oilcan in exalted buy. Oily color should very clear, if nigrescent should change before it is too late.

4. The engine that start, it is normal to hear bray news.

5. The engine that start, open rain to brush implement, it is normal that at the same time the examination blocks a speed a few times.

6. Adjust tire and reserve fetal atmospheric pressure.

7. Check lamplight, from the headlight outside the car, show lamp of wide lamp, fog lamp, brake, license plate lamp to wait to answer to back-up lamp careful check.

News source: Beijing recreation believes a newspaper

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