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According to car of service life love different period differs maintain method
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No matter the car of what brand, no matter this car is to produce be being returned from Japan, United States, Europe, Korea is home, the metropolis in using a process encounters the problem of spare parts consume. Apparent is car tire, run on highway move long, balata can grind thinner more. Because be used for a long time,the other part of the car also is met and " die " . So, love car maintains should notice this key especially. The life of average car also is mixed the person is same, can divide a life period.

1 - 4 years, love the adolescent of the car

A car is using a head two years is life summit summit period, should undertake convention maintains only basically won't have what problem, but two years the car of above is about to begin to change the component of a few the easiest loss.

Brake skin: Normally 2, car of 3 years changes with respect to need probably new brake skin. When a car sends car plant to maintain, check train wagon of its Buddhist templeput on the brakes above all, because of brake implement it is to drive the first safe line of defence. According to experience, brake skin is in 2 years or so to be able to be ground probably, of course, accurate operating period must inspect the person that drive be used to and decide. If you are the sort of jubilation that step on a lot of oil, next the person that in crucial moment ability vigorously steps on brake, of brake skin wear away affirmation is fiercer, life is briefer also.

Fuel pump: When the car leaves, fuel pump also should be cleaned almost or changed.

Vibrating absorber: The car arrived 3, 4 years when, run to may discover it is so smooth without new car, encounter this kind of situation, the vibrating absorber that is this examination car when. The action just as its name implies of vibrating absorber reduces a car namely shake, it is the one part of pensile system, if the bedspring of vibrating absorber no longer bouncy, can shake very badly when high speed travel, issueing wet is special risk more.

   4 - 7 years, those who love a car is middleaged period

The car of this moment resembles " the person arrives middleaged " , a lot of things loosened, this includes all sorts of balata valves inside the car. The problem below car lid should emerge. Many cars advocate often the car leaves 4 to 5 years when begin to transfer, also buyer of a few two handcart likes to buy the car of this car age.

when leather belt: The car that drove the left and right sides 4 years should notice when leather belt should be changed, average car is be expert at sail 7 to 100 thousand kilometer when, should send change when leather belt, if change not in time, if,car travel arrives when halfway when leather belt ruptures suddenly, the upkeep that should pay counts 100 yuan at least.
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