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The car maintains do not look washing a car is bagatelle among them knowledge is
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Saying to drive is " face project " , this word truly. Take a fancy to golf at the outset, a among them main reason also depends on this car air however not make public, the appearance with not costly however vogue, pitch on golf, announced to others namely " I am not a civilian look forward to (farmer entrepreneur) , also not be a Xiaonian that just went out light, however the white-collar of a standard. However the white-collar of a standard..

Golf disputed reputation to me, natural I also cannot treat unfairly it. Beijing sand blown by wind is big, a week washs the thing in car naturally reason. Wash lathe work husband to be expended not less really, water of car whisk, sponge, towel, clear water, glass must everything needed is ready. Sweep ash with car whisk first, reoccupy sponge touchs water to swab whole vehicle, wipe with soft towel next. Glass is the key that washs a car, need to be wiped carefully, will affect driving line of vision otherwise. Every time estimation comes down, wash a car left and right sides of a hour.

Nevertheless, as weather turn gradually cold add inert recrudesce, eventually one day I also drive the car entered the room that wash a car. Though the car is washed to restrict 20 fund inside city (do calorie of relatively cheap) , when clean nevertheless, province, convenient, relaxed, so much good point is full also already offsetted pecuniary loss. Especially after pluvial snow passes or it is long-distance return, it is more important to wash a car, mud, sand and dust returns secondarily, most be afraid that automobile body is stuck went up drop Qing Dynasty or it is small winged insect, he is cleaned is a tickler, and the professional staff that wash a car handles these issues is easy to do. Professional tells me, the car is washed to must go after snow professional inn, oneself cleans conditional difference, stay in door or aspic of hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes easily, and the professional inn with finer installation can do corresponding processing. Additional, do not wash a car with squirt gush, had better go computer washs car room, relatively lesser to the harm of the car.

So, do not look washing a car is bagatelle, among them knowledge is true still not little

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