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The car of not as tall as the fittings price that tears open a car block up that
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In the heart of many car business, "Assist " wears not to calculate secret secret---If broke the new car that just bought,that is " sell fittings, a lot of cars can sell the price that gives two cars to come. "Of course, this is a figure analogy only. In fact, long-term since house of price of car a replacement does not fall high, already became the " of another " bottleneck that block up car consumes.

Car advocate people completely clear: Buy a car to belong to one-time investment, need set sb's teeth; And of real test person bear of force is to raise a car, the sort of pain that do not ache, urticant not urticant flavor just cry afflictive. So, drive every time go repairing a factory to maintain, everybody should promote a heart, condole is worn half bravery. Shut an eye to endure slaughtered treatment so, the " that stays in demon hole only the Tang Dynasty monk " can understand. Get extraordinary besides a bit, await the Tang Dynasty the monk's is dagger and stockpot, and await a car advocate is high component and man-hour cost however. I have a friend of start working factory, still calculate in bag have two money, his sit driving is treasure of a " comes " . Before long viewfinder is blown bad before, spent 600 multivariate; Spent a month again, right vehicle pane cannot rise fall, changed only small motor, pay again 600 multivariate. And every maintain, need 1000 yuan or so roughly. He can'ts help again and again complain of suffering: "Can afford a horse, the hammer does not remove palm " . Do not carry even this kind of person quickly, the pressure of other friend cans be imagined. Otherwise someone says: We made do a car, faint however " resists " piles 708 broken fittings.

Truckload and cheap, the spare parts is very valuable- - this very resembling is an elementary mathematical game. You consider, the component of a car by tens of thousands, if every spare parts increases price, a car does not sell the value that gives two cars ability is strange. And " of space of this " price belongs to " of " confidential unit, the doorway has " of " a large number of forces to guard, besides character of a few core, anybody must not be entered inside. This that is to say, car business carries operation of dinkum camera bellows, played the old game of " chop and change " with broad consumer. This self of manufacturer special " simple " , what think the profit subsidy that carries fittings is reduced increasingly namely is truckload sell profit. At present a lot of manufactories are infatuated with went up this trick, gain profit because of this kind way is the directest, the most reliable, also most fair and reasonable. You bought a car, always had be toed repair, once the car malfunctions, our money carry arrived.

Nevertheless, I still feel very lucky. Fortunately other trader did not think of or be to distain to imitate this kind of way, otherwise, tore open freezer, TV, washing machine and bicycle all the way that sell, very quick meeting is selling field is faddish temporarily, if appear really " the occasion of " of one land part, be afraid everybody is overcome. Of course, at present car belongs to big commodity, have " of prerogative of this one " it seems that, but you are mere from seek at the moment the interest sets out, regard consumer " of " mental retardation completely, so making a car large-scale enter a family is an empty talk, your product will get minimum the be a burden on of component and slow-moving- - " of ferry of the world " is great, who can ascend a " of " pirate ship that sells a part easily?
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