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Force of civilian battalion company holds out Zhejiang car line of business
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Civilian look forward to is first

The expert is forecasted, 2010, output of our country car will achieve 10 million or so. Retain as the rapid development of auto industry and car the addition of the quantity, car component also is sure to have a great progress -- did not come 10 years, industry of our country automobile is in a significant opportunity period.

Face such opportunity, astute always Zhejiang person how meeting let slip a golden opportunity? In national industry policy guidance falls, zhejiang province put forward about the leader " make overall plans, make the best use of the circumstances, guide industry of complete province automobile actively to seize opportunity, quicken structural adjustment pace, health of stimulative automobile industry develops quickly " .

The reporter is visited in Zhejiang when, the concerned personage of this province provided a group of data: To the end of 2003, the car that Zhejiang complete province includes national car announcement list produces a business in all 28, car output is one hundred and two thousand four hundred, 2.3% what hold countrywide car output, production value 8.89 billion yuan. The product basically has economy car, medium heavy-duty car and high-grade passenger car, passenger car and batholith, batholith and a batch of special type change his costume or dress car.

Car component industry already took shape. According to not complete count, complete province shares manufacturing company more than 6730, among them dimensions above enterprise 704, production value 39.78 billion yuan, 18.2% what take the throughout the country, partial product already entered masses of one steam group, one steam, Shanghai in the system of form a complete set that the home such as car of masses of general, Shanghai, Tianjin, east wind car's main car produces a group, partial product entered an international market.

Industry of Zhejiang province automobile is able to grow so, the biggest contribution nothing is more... than rises abruptly quickly of civilian battalion enterprise.

Original, it is car component civilian battalion enterprise cuts a figure, enterprise of a few civilian battalion with its agile management mechanism, inferior cost advantage, raise the market to have ceaselessly rate, progressively in market competition establish the advantage position of oneself. Subsequently, civilian capital investment is truckload the enthusiasm of manufacturing industry is rising with each passing day also. A few more provincial idea of innovation of civilian battalion enterprise, break industry admittance barrier, begin to enter a car truckload manufacturing industry.

  Area contest closes

If say Zhejiang enterprise is the epitome of enterprise of Chinese car component, so the development problem of business of short for Zhejiang Province also mirrorred the bottleneck that our country steam matchs course of study to develop.
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