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Spring should give disinfection love a car
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In spring, air humidity is low and temperature is high, it is especially when in the winter, car advocate people open a window rarely ventilated, what stay in those days is residual the be soiled that reach sweat can cause a car the develop of indoor mite bug, bacterium, what be soiled of the dirt that adds naked eye to lose sight of, smeary, bug, leaf and sundry and mildewy place arise is pungent flavour... stay for a long time in such environment, do not fall ill to just be blamed. But, how ability already safety is disinfected again thoroughly to love a car? And listen gallop be able to bear or endure Ming Dexian of expert of conserve of center of general hairdressing conserve is unripe tell a car advocate people the problem of easy negligence.

1, bathe to the car before disinfection

Do not choose a fault " object " marry wrong " man "

Because railroad car is sealed, air pollution condition is gotten badlier than wanting outdoor general much. Drive the person opens a window rarely in the winter commonly ventilated breathe freely, a large number of bacteria built up inside the car, these bacteria in spring, virus is caused very easily, the disinfection with this so complete to undertaking inside the car season is very be necessary. So in what can the bacterium inside the car hide commonly place? Bright heart says, these bacteria basically can put the ceiling that leaves in the car, seating, give the position such as felt of blast tuyere, ground, because of this car advocate in disinfection should the key is clean these place. Will tell commonly, making complete cleanness should undertake before disinfection, bathe to love car that is to say, look seem simple bathing work, can damage carelessly a bit car. The following at 2 o'clock, ask each car advocate valued, excellent to loving Che Kezhen to want to caress.
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