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3 Mao Wu! Consider a Red Army man twenty thousand and five go up spot oil price

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No matter be,those who have a car still do not have a car to prepare to buy a car, the issue with the most troublesome near future should be oil price problem.

Last time after oil price went up, we know oil price still can go up again, but do not know to go up so quickly. Resemble southern recently weather, often shade is worn, you do not know when to come a rainstorm.

One colleague and I talk about oil price, say him himself very regret, mix in culture circle all the time, the girl that how to think of to want to stand with oil is seduced? Otherwise, before rise in price, she can inform ahead of schedule, mix two a car in his home, autocycle next the jar of 3 cellar wine fill is full. This brother says, such should can save many.

I also am the person of a the Eight Diagrams, help his account. I say, car 30 litres, autocycle 15 litres, the volume is not very large, the jar that calculates wine of your that cellar is big, 100 litres, 3 are 300 litres, it is 345 litres in all. One litre saves 5 wool, this issued 172 with respect to the province 5.

The colleague flinchs flinch scalp says, how just 172 5? How many to earn.

Then I help the cost that he calculates and oily station girl seduces again.

I say, rising in price last time was March bottom, rising in price this was May bottom, full two months time. If from rise in price last begin to wake up to reality, begin to seduce the girl of oily station, according to the bubble girl program I am 10 years ago, successful word, also must eat a meal please the least, see film ability begin please -- the girl of oily station compares guileless mostly, have a meal 100, see a movie 50, add up even if 105. Next to carry news channel expedite, you need every months to pay 20 yuan phone telephone bill and 10 yuan short message to expend, two months are 60...

I am looking sidelong at a colleague to say: Still use calculate? The colleague places a hand again and again, say need not need not, this has not calculated a hotel to open a room, had overspent.

Look this road is to won't do, violated conscience already, cheated feeling, still harmed the body. The old saying says, male and female thing, arrived 30 like be about to resemble counting money later, every time wants to cherish. To choose oily fund then, hurt a body so, actually nots worth.

Good, return to the subject.

Calculate this Zhang, actually I am to want to say, oil price of such 3 Maowu wool go up, to the person of the most ride instead of walk that buy a car, do not have real impact, even if says 8 to want 7 to go up like the hearsay inside course of study, these people also are used.

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