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The exterior interior trim that the car changes his costume or dress piece

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Change his costume or dress to the car, particular part of one's job is 3 parts: The exterior changes his costume or dress, interior trim changes his costume or dress and motivation changes his costume or dress. The car that is aimed at different be fond of advocate, of the choice change one's costume or dress means also differs somewhat, on period we are what the reader introduced side of car power performance to change one's costume or dress, this period we will emphasize what introduce car exterior and interior trim respect for the reader to change one's costume or dress.

Of car exterior changing one's costume or dress basically is to point to the change that adopts pair of automobile body external forms, achieve an appearance beautiful and the action that promotes a car property. At present very popular exterior changes his costume or dressBagDraw together: Add outfitSurround greatly, add install paster of the ala that decide wind, automobile body, TireUpgrade, tone small automobile body, still can add outfit rack in roof, in roof configuration at least two high-power shoot the light. Here, the editor will be rightThe massesThe hep ala that decide wind is added with what surround greatly outfit make for everybody explain in detail.

The ala that decide wind is beautiful the section is oily

Outside deciding wind ala to install the caudal boot in the car to build, carry, what see on cycle racing is most, it can generate next pressure, raise the stability of cycle racing and too curved rate, also hold an action of beautification automobile body concurrently at the same time. Now, a lot of sedan that we can see run on the street installed the ala that decide wind, it can reduce a car effectively the wind resistance when high speed travel, and can save fuel.

According to aerodynamics principle analysis, the car can encounter wind resistance in travel process, this kind of obstruction can be divided mix for fore-and-aft, side direction perpendicular the active force of 3 respects, and speed and wind resistance become direct ratio, speed is so faster, wind resistance is greater. General situation, exceed 60km/h when speed, wind resistance is behaved very apparently to the influence of the car. Besides the obstruction in reducing high speed travel, add outfit empennage to also have certain help to saving fuel. It is for 1.6 litres car with capacity exemple, if mount empennage, wind resistance coefficient reduces 20 % , in the travel on general road, capacity of bad news oil decreases probably not apparent. If go up in the freeway,sail, can save oil about 10 % .

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