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Klaxon is not noisy how ought to be solved

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Klaxon is the uses often device when driving, if the horn appears breakdown, the meeting is very no-go when driving. Pressed a horn sometimes, sound is not to resemble mosquito crying, it is very hoarse, do not have even a bit sound even. What reason is this after all cause?

How do we see a horn first work. Should press change direction dish go up or when the horn pushbutton of other position, the electric current that comes from accumulator can flow to the electromagnetism coil of horn relay through loop, electromagnetism coil attracts relay move contact switch to close, electric current can shed horn point. Electric current makes the electro-magnet of horn interior works, make oscillatory film oscillatory thereby and sound.

According to the author's experience, in the breakdown of a lot of concerned horns, the breakdown of horn itself often is when occurrence problem. Especially the horn that certain car designs installs positional existence blemish, make very easily when rain horn by rainwater wringing, cause the damage of the horn.

Do not ring when the horn when, common breakdown position nothing more than have at 3 o'clock, namely contact of switch of horn itself, horn and horn wiring harness, can consult when occurrence breakdown the measure below is checked.

(1) does not ring sometimes by horn switch, if the horn rings sometimes, do not ring sometimes, the contact contact that is horn switch interior more is bad, some also are the problems of horn itself.

(Because plug contact is undesirable,2) is more rustily, turn to each dish of contact all round especially, because use frequent, make contact goes out to wear away now easily.

(3) does not ring completely to check frit silk to look above all whether fusing, unplug next next horn outlet, measure with avometer whether is there report here when pressing horn switch. If do not have report, should check horn wiring harness and horn relay; If have report, it is the problem of horn itself, also can try to adjust right now the adjustment on the horn nut looks to whether can phonate, if still be not noisy, need to change horn

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