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Need love a car constant " fitness "

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Repair 7 minutes 3 minutes to raise. This word a bit truly, mr Liu that Hangzhou city Wen Xinjie paid not small price for this recently, because did not decide Cheng to maintain on time, his love car buries played disease hidden trouble: Facing the province that brings city a few days ago on the road engine is abrupt flameout, cannot start. The result is forced to procrastinate to maintain a factory to heavy repair, spent many injustice money.

The car maintains as fitness, it conduces to the service life that prolongs a car. Hangzhou city motor vehicle serves management board to maintain an expert to say, very much now car advocate work at ordinary times too busy, holiday busy go on a journey, add oneself not to have conserve major knowledge, go round and round, ultimate car can protest with malfunctioning. The expert expresses, homebred now car is average left and right sides of every 5000 kilometers maintains, its are main content is to change filter of engine oil, machine. Because engine oil and air contact and be heated are easy,be oxidized gradually, as the acidity material in oil, colloid, scrap slowly grow in quantity, the color of engine oil can blacken gradually, viscosity also can drop gradually, the oil change that arrived to set period must change new oil. If do not change for long engine oil, these are sedimentary may block oil duct, bring about engine to work grind, affect the life of engine badly.

If your ignored decides Cheng to maintain, often can make love a car to shift to an earlier date sicken. Mirror above all build for engine engine oil, can stick above cap full sticky stiff solid matter, its also are offerred hard to the lubricant action of engine. It is engine oil feet next, the extreme of dipstick indicates the deposit above into black already high temperature ablation, lube takes away caloric function to drop already badly, engine issues the job to be able to affect service life badly in exorbitant temperature circumstance. In the meantime, lube also cannot arrange flow to enter engine interior.

Decide Cheng or maintain regularly, can avoid these problems completely. Maintain include item of a lot of examinations, general 4S store has quite standard, meticulous with complex working procedure technological process. For instance, maintenance technician is ensure car of each systems lubricate not to have leakage with oil path, can examine all sorts of fluid aspects, if engine oil, antifreeze, brake is oily, aid force to change direction, the liquid fluid face such as gear oil, electrolyte. Seasonable to what already was not worth supplementary, discover leakage phenomenon, also can accomplish ailment to be solved ahead of schedule. Next, the apply the brake with driver life be closely bound up and dynamical system also are to maintain the grand opera of the examination. If examination apply the brake grinds clearance fit of wear out condition, hand brake, tire wears away state and atmospheric pressure detect, clutch clearance is adjusted etc.

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