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Kia sincerity and quality of services used car business cast
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KIA launched in early 2006, "Kia used car sincerity" business, and emerge in the used car market. After four years of development, Kia used car brand sincerely adhering to the "good faith to the letter" business philosophy, has set a brilliant record, from 500 in 2006 the amount of the annual replacement of the rapid development of nearly 2000 to 2008 the annual exchange volume. In exchange volume surged at the same time, KIA brand awareness and product preservation rate has been greatly improved. To meet the growing domestic consumer demand, used car, this business has nearly 130 franchise stores KIA start. At the same time, Shenyang Automotive Sales Service Co., Ltd. with and carried out this year, used-car business. Kia used car dealers to acquire sincerity of any brand of used cars. Replacement KIA (hereinafter referred to DYK) new car, the form of multi-brand replacement, the user can use replacement of old vehicles DYK DYK brand brand new car, but also use other brands of vehicles replacement DYK brand new car. The acquisition of 36 vehicles on the professional and technical testing, and to provide fair, equitable and transparent valuation method, the customer will be satisfied with the used car new car purchase price and certain discount. The first 4 years from the date on the card, mileage less than 80,000 kilometers (all cars), reaching 108 DYK used car inspection and quality standards, eligible vehicles, quality certification issued by DYK, 10,000 km / 6 months original quality assurance certification. Kia used car from a good faith acquisition, replacement, certification, marketing and finally to quality assurance, each process are reflected in a professional and quality service concept for each car replacement for consumers with a more assured and flexible services. Please consult with the KIA and the 4S shops in Shenyang.
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