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Professional security experience Audi used car service process recommended pro
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November 21, 2010, the Audi brand products at used cars recommended activities in the center of Beijing launched a hundred used car benefit. The Audi used car business once again integrate Beijing 12 Audi used car resources 4S shop, to show consumers a range of characteristics used car services. In addition to the assessment and replacement of vehicles, but also specifically to increase the Audi explain the characteristics of the smart maintenance and refurbishment of used cars beauty magic links, so that consumers learn more about Audi used cars recommended for each product features and service processes. During the event, per profit center for users to arrange used car Audi wise to explain the maintenance process, through the professional staff to explain, so that consumers be well aware of the maintenance part, to avoid consumer misunderstanding, truly smart consumer. In addition to the maintenance of a comprehensive smart Audi explanations, the most unique beauty is the magic renovation Audi used car, compared with the traditional automotive beauty, beauty Audi used cars in terms of quality, effectiveness, performance and other significant aspects advantage. The whole process used to remove debris, car washing, car cleaning, external protection, polishing, waxing, and comprehensive examination of six steps, not only completely remove the exterior, interior remain stubborn stains, more comprehensive care leather interior, wipe cockpit smoke, odor and bacteria. With the international second-hand car market is relatively mature compared to China's used car market is in its infancy, with the high quality used car resources and more standardized the used car trade promotion, the industry has reason to believe that the future of second-hand car market in China prospects, there is great potential.
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