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Car beauty technician A few days after the critical film
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Automotive Auto Beauty film has now become the fashion decoration, now almost all of the film for the car owners will, however, even many well-known brand shop owners in the film are lower than the desired results, then it is technology Division problem? Is the inferior film? This may be the view of many owners. Decorative beauty does the domestic auto market technician level varies greatly, the proliferation of low-grade solar membrane. Chi Pu-resistant chain of automotive beauty body-ming conservation do not think so: Solar Films level of quality and can be a great technician Part of the film causes the phenomenon of bad results, but the car several days after film solar film critical maintenance problems are often overlooked reason. So how in the maintenance vehicle film after film? May be a lot of owners had finished film After the car beauty shop technicians will remind some of the maintenance methods, but either incomplete or not systematic, and more car owners did not pay attention to listening, the latter did not perform well, the past few days led to this critical Appears after the installation of solar film this or that problem. To this end, Chi Pu-resistant chain-ming auto beauty conservation film summarized the car a few days after the maintenance of critical methods: Just three days after the film to avoid washing the car, causing car is dry to avoid water film off. Rear window demister lines as far as possible not to open within a week, water was dry but also easy to defog line adverse effects. Stickers available after installation Wet towels, a sponge or soft cloth to clean the membrane surface. In addition, the film will find that after a period of time, the fine mist of water vapor inside there. This is the solar film in a normal dry process, will gradually disappear over time . Within a few days after the film should avoid lifting windows (especially the new car has just had finished film), attached to a fixed solar film on the window takes 5-7 days, so in the process of opening and closing the window film edge Curl is easy to wear, no Fully bonded film is also prone to displacement. High-quality cars with good wear resistance is usually film, the film is dedicated between the use of high-performance resin, adhesion is outstanding, able to do when the membrane edge of the film and glass edge 2 mm is still not easy to wear only a thin Alice, and, anti-scratch coating to make it a strong anti-scratch performance, and long life and easy to maintain. Ordinary day can easily wear down the window membrane injury, poor film a month or two there will be scratched , The choice of quality cars to avoid this film. If you are not careful when washing the membrane loose, to return to the store for a professional film professionals re-fixed to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability. If the membrane surface stains, do not use chemical solvents to clean, preferably Clean with a wet towel, paper towel or cotton cloth dampened with detergent, you can also use a rubber wiper to clean it. But to avoid the use of abrasive articles and films will scratch or damage the tools to avoid damaging the sun Membrane. Expert advice: the vehicle after the film, try not to paste in the window or hang things directly, so their roots will be suckers and stickers film opened gap.
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