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Is new car is being chosen when buying the first car still to choose two handcar
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When a lot of people are buying the first car, often be knowing is choosing new car still is it is good to choose two handcarts and pained very. Buy new fare heart little, but the price is too high; Choose two handcart, on the price although cheap, can fear the car gives an issue again. In this both between, choose after all which it is difficult to let consumer make not only, be afraid even the expert also give out hard standard answer. So, consumer mights as well understand first buy new car or old car to have He You drawback, choose again according to oneself actual condition.

   Purchase the good point of new car: Plain code marks a price there is safeguard after carry out

The advantage of new car, it is plain code marks a price above all. Although the price of new car is taller than two handcart, but fixedder also, and now price difference of the whole nation also too won't big. So, although consumer understands car price quotations not quite, also need not worry be in an unfavorable situation. Next, it is new car has on quality assure, car advocate need not buy sheet for the upkeep costs of frequent generation. Moreover, it is after service. Excellent after service can be a car advocate discharge trouble back at home, a lot of cars advocate would rather floriferous dot money, also hope to excellent after service can be enjoyed after buying a car. In this respect, new car has absolutely advantage. Buy car hind in 4S inn commonly, the meeting in inn establishs record of person, car for the client, include number of full name, address, phone, model, car, send every time long time and repair the information such as all sorts of record, conserve projects to be able to be recorded in detail in book. The clerk can give client phone pay a return visit, the inquiry uses vehicle case, and warn a client do to the car on time check and maintain, the favourable activity that informs a company.

   Buy the weakness of new car: Buy a car to raise car cost tall depreciation is sharp

Buy new car besides wanting to pay the money that buy a car, even all sorts of duty expend pay, walk out of the gate of 4S inn, perhaps can drop price. But, next " it is difficult to buy appearance of vehicle to raise a car easily " it is to allow a car more advocate people feel helpless.

Maintaining on, new car nature compares old fare work, on face of bright and clean automobile body lacquer even if have a ordinary nick,also can allow a car advocate feel distressed a long time. Often have a car advocate because appear on love automobile body,one small blows loiter or small cave and drive the car to maintain inn, not hesitate to let automobile body recover from an illness vigorously, the flower is gotten high sometimes in the upkeep cost on automobile body breathtaking.

   Purchase the good point of two handcart: Petty gain is good raise fit experienced hand

relatively new car, the advantage with two the biggest handcart is cheap. Xi'an easy car collects the Liu Fuzhou of company of two handcart displacement to tell a reporter, actually of two handcart " sexual price is compared " highest, its price affirmation is cheaper than new car much. The car of 3 years of less than, car advocate the many time on meeting flower and money maintain love car, let it look very new still. So, this kind of car also has " new car " and " second new car " cent, of 1 year of 20 thousand kilometer cry " new car " , of 3 years of 60 thousand kilometer cry " second new car " . No matter this kind of car is to be in on function on outer still view no less than new cars, return leave out adjusted trouble, and devalue not easily. 3 years the two handcart allowance for depreciation of less than is about 20% , 30% , and the in part that 3 years the price of the two handcart of above has car cost price only.
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