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Two handcart market adds price of new car of fast prep above to appear on raise
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The reporter manages from construction of market of Department of Commerce understanding arrives, the good the look of things that two handcart markets of our country appeared to grow quickly 2006, trade quantity and trade the forehead all is climbed substantially litre.

Two handcart market adds price of new car of fast prep above to appear on raise

Draw of Zhao Chunqing /

It is two handcart market adds new car of fast prep above, tend with scale of new car sales volume reasonable. Occupy 255 domestic keys of pair of whole nation two handcart trade the statistic of the market,

Two handcart traded 2006 the quantity is 190. 590 thousand, grow 31 compared to the same period. 50 % , add fast more than in those days new car sales volume is added fast 6. 37 percent; Trade the forehead grows 56 compared to the same period. 6 % , prep above trades measure 25 percent. Add other company trade quantity, predicting whole nation is actual and secondhand the car trades the quantity is 2.7 million about, two handcart trade the scale of quantity and new car sales volume by 1 original: 3 turn into 1: 2. 67, tending stage by stage reasonable.

2 it is private buy a car to take market dominant place, the car makes variety of two handcart mainstream.

3 it is two handcart to low age change direction to transform, trade the price appears first on raise. As enter what class mixes current two handcart to be spent newly to rise, appeared first 2006 two handcart trade the price picks up phenomenon, trade on average the price is 3. 640 thousand yuan, grow 0 than last year. 580 thousand yuan.

4 it is two handcart market already entered diversity path, two handcart are in the brand arisen. As " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " carry out, appeared large quantities of one brands are monopolistic with company of two handcart distribute, auction, broker, two handcart market is trading by onefold market trade pattern the market the pattern change that to the brand the diversified economy mode such as company of distribute of monopolistic, two handcart, auction, broker coexists. In the meantime, many car production companies developed a brand in succession two handcart business, abounded two handcart breed not only, added the option of consumer, and produced brand effect, enhanced consumer to buy the faith of the car.

5 it is economy relatively develop two handcart growth accelerates the area, market share rises significantly. Two handcart market grows and other places of Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang faster, 4 afore-mentioned areas and Shandong area are secondhand the car trades the quantity always trades more than of the quantity 6 into.

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