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How is the choose and buy secondhand after 51 pass car?
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As new model roll out ceaselessly, more and more consumer begin to enter phase of two handcart displacement, a lot of users begin to contact two handcart to trade for the first time, it is no matter buy or sell, a lot of consumer cause two handcart to sell the opportunity is lost in the absense of experience perhaps sell the price passes low.

We think, 51 afterwards, customer should deal in two handcart middleman and guarantor holds good state of mind, avoid subjective assume and oversight the market is real circumstance.

● sells the price and buy the price to differ

Will tell above all is two handcart no matter the company that management company, broker company or auction firm are gain property, scoring gain in two handcart respect so is normal. Before a lot of consumer are selling two handcart, often arrive inside the market " inquiry " , often think old car sells the price should be to buy the price, this kind of understanding is wrong. Still a lot of people think the gain among old car is bigger, will actually tell two handcart the profit of the link intermediate is appearing smaller and smaller current, support serves and often derive link to generate profit.

E.g. , the nimble 2001 amounts to CIX market to sell mark a price 56000 yuan, clinch a deal actually the price should be controlled in 52000 yuan, cost of maintenance reorganize and outfit is additionally average 800 yuan, cost of change the name of owner in a register, conduction formalities is average 700 yuan, reveal, the personnel expenses such as the sale is controlled 1000 yuan, normal profit 5% 2500 yuan or so, buying the price normally so should be 52000-800-700-1000-2500=47000 yuan.

● car is different the price is different also

Two handcart value often has individuation, each car has respective characteristic, differ according to value of the design of car, car condition, formalities the two handcart value that create is different.

E.g. : The series of the G3.0 that fasten a gram that was 2000 likewise, travel 100 thousand kilometer and the car situation of 200 thousand kilometer are different value can differ at least 5000 yuan, additionally the individual also differs with the car with car and company, still a few rent officer's car is waited a moment specially namely. This is a few more explicit entrance car respect, purchase surtax thoroughly to prove to be able to affect the value of car etc, run quickly, BMW the price difference below similar case reachs this kind car is several yuan very normal. So consumer must have considered when making comparative reference, avoid to think subjectively.

● channel also can affect the price

Old car management company, broker company serves trader among special two handcart namely, its client natural resources and sale skill affirmation are compare an user be close friends, the price that often sells car than carrying channel is a few higher, the face-lifting of reorganize and outfit that includes car is waited a moment. But some users are determined to think he sell car also can reach this price, but often lack experience and skill, final not only did not sell good value still caused a few losses.
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